The Double XP 24 Hour Charity Live Stream Round Up

So, you might have seen that we recently rebranded. To celebrate the rebrand, we wanted to do something big. That big something was a 24 hour charity live stream! At the same time, we wanted to raise some money for SpecialEffect. A charity which helps people with disabilities to play video games.

So, last Friday at 8pm, we kicked off our 24 hours of live streaming madness. The entire DXP crew were there, along with a few special guests over the course of the stream. We played a plethora of games – a virtual smorgasbord of titles. From Ghost Recon: Wildlands, to Outlast, to Starwharl.

Not only that, but I was challenged to do the majority of the live stream with a full face of makeup, and Alex attempted to break the world record for most crackers eaten in under a minute.

Over the course of the 24 hours, we had well over 1,500 viewers and managed to raise a cool £507.50 plus Gift Aid! As of writing this article, our Just Giving page is still open. So you can go over and make a contribution if you’d like to help us support a wonderful charity.

You can catch the entire 24 hours on our Facebook page, though that’s a hell of a lot of content. But, for those who don’t fancy a full 24 hours of gaming related videos – here’s our highlight reel!

We’d just like to say thank you to all those who watched the stream, and a massive thank you to those who donated. With your support, SpecialEffect can continue to do their amazing and inspirational work.