Don’t Stop The Creeps – Creepy Review

I love the mobile gaming scene, If I didn’t then I wouldn’t play all these damn games to review them for you lovely people. But when you play enough games you start to notice a pattern, and mobile games are not as original as the platform boasts. I have mentioned before that all most franchises do is make the same 4 games, but add their own assets in. But this time, I don’t even think effort has been put into deny the blatant use of Minecraft Creepers. I mean the game is called Don’t Stop the Creeps, and the faces are literally identical! Just change the colour to green and away you go. That’s not so say I mind it too much, but I would love to see the line between a lawsuit and harmless fun, I guess it’s when a load of money is concerned.


But what about the game behind the obvious rip off? Well as mechanics go, Don’t Stop the Creeps nails the basics of a mobile game. It’s very easy to grasp but hard to master, requiring you to play over and over again to get those high scores. The aim of the game is very simple, there are a series of bars across the bottom of the screen with gaps next to each one, touch the screen and the bars shift creating holes where they once were. Creeps then fall from the top of the screen in random waves, you will have to judge where they are coming and make sure that they fall through a gap when they reach the bottom. Any creeps that hit a bar will end the game, displaying your score. Very, very simply stuff and there is really not much more to it than that.

Graphically this game is nothing to shout home about, but in the confined setting the art style suits the type of gameplay. One thing that is great about Don’t Stop the Creeps is the music. I do really recommend this as the sound effects and tunes make it feel like some sort of odd Sci-Fi experience, almost like I was playing space invaders.