Can customisation make or break a game?

I’m a fan of making stuff, mostly through video-games. From characters to buildings, robots to guns. Give me a game that gives you the ability to craft something unique, or personalise something you own, and I’m set. That being said, I’ve played a lot of games where customisation is either limited, or non-existent. I was once of the opinion that customisation makes or breaks a game. But now, I’m not so sure.

Would you rather play an average game that lets you create a character, edit your party and customise your weapons, over a good game that has a set protagonist? And, even more, is a game automatically made better by the option to edit things?

For the first point, I’d probably say no. When it comes to customisation of character and party, I think the award probably goes to Dragon’s Dogma. But Dragon’s Dogma is a great game in itself, and the customisation aspects only build on that greatness – they don’t make it. But, I would probably argue that a game is automatically made better by customisation. For example, Pro Evolution Soccer isn’t a great football game. Personally, I much prefer the play-style and mechanics of FIFA. But the fact that you can create and edit teams and players makes the game far more appealing to me. Now that you’ll (kind of) be able to do that on FIFA 17, I’m not sure if PES will entice me as much as it once did.

But I don’t think that customisation could replace gameplay, for me at least. I love being able to create characters in games like Mass Effect or Fallout, but I doubt I would have liked the games any less if I wasn’t able to edit my character. A great game is a great game – customisation just adds to that. For example, I look at games like The Division which had a fair amount of customisation. I enjoyed the game. But customisation couldn’t make that game any better, though. If I’d been able to form my character’s face instead of pick from pre-made faces, for instance, I don’t think it would have changed my enjoyment of the title. Or made me deem the game as ‘above average’.

But what do you think? Are you a stickler for customisation, or do you not give a monkey’s? Let me know in the comments below!