Doc and Dog

Is everyone ready for yet another fantastic installment of Train Games? Well I know I am, and this week I am feeling particularly inventive bringing you the ingenuity of Doc and Dog.

Why so scientific? Well Doc and Dog is a game available on both IOS and Android that puts you in charge of the imagination of a mad scientist (well we here think he is mad) as he tried to fly around the world. His incentive for this endeavor is to rescue his trusty dog that was left behind as they both tried to escape from a desert island.

So onto the gameplay… Doc and dog sees you controlling the good Doc as he travels around the globe on a very primitive helicopter, essentially a bike with helicopter blades. The aim of the game is to successfully navigate the Doc over and under various obstacles such as storm clouds and birds as he seeks to reunite with his canine friend.


You can control the Doc with the phones touch pad, touch the screen to go up and simply release and the craft will start to fall. While this is about as simple as controls can get, the Doc will get increasingly tried as he peddles to move upward. To compensate for this as, well as avoiding obstacles you must also collect fruit in order to gain energy. This makes for surprisingly tactical gameplay, as you must decide when it is best to use energy and when it is best to rest.

To give you a bit of a boost, the Doc can utilise his engineering skills midair by collecting 3 bolts in a cluster. If you manage to get the bolts then the bikecopter will be rebuilt into a variety of different vehicles such as a plane or a rubber dingy. Each new build will be produced randomly and each has their own ways of working. If you are fortunate enough to collect a further 3 golden bolts after this then you will gain the amazing power of a rocket and be propelled forward until you collide with another hazard. If at any stage you are hit by one of the obstacles you will be left with the original vehicle.

To further aid the good Doctor along the way you can purchase upgrades from the in game menu using Ideas, the currency you can also collect during the game. These can be spend on ideas such as wheels or skies to allow the vehicle to move along the floor conserving energy, or on suction tubes that will pull ideas in from further away. Each of the playable vehicles have different upgrades to it is important to spend your point wisely.


Wise lovely graphics and varied scenery this is a very pleasant game to play. Give it a play and experience for yourself the great features and unexpected surprised. I will say one more thing, don’t avoid the shooting jets of air, they are more friendly than you realise …