Disco Zoo: Let thy animals boogiee on down (under)!

Have you ever played a game for the sake of it? Maybe just to pass the time to fill in a meaningless period, that otherwise could be occupied by other productive life experiences? Well if this sounds like something you’d do, Disco Zoo could well be for you!

Its name alone might give away what type of game you can expect to see, I mean a zoo … combined with a disco, you might even ask, “what are you, high?!”. Anyway, it’s an old retro-based graphic game, so you can’t be expecting anything HD here. It’s like the type of game that you would find on a little handheld games console from the 90’s but in full colour, yet has the 70’s feel all over it, with a disco ball feature as well.

You basically run a Zoo by finding animals in the wild, with there being 7 different animal zones that you can rescue from. These are obtained through a little puzzle game where you need to figure out the pattern that unlocks that animal from a grid like interface, while being given only X amount of tries. Each attempt at finding an animal costs X amount of money depending on what area you are trying to rescue the animals from. You get more money from having more animals and more exhibits and keeping your animals awake is key, which I felt a little guilty for. I thought they would suffer chronic sleep deprivation as I managed to keep my horses away for 24 hours days on end. Also, it’s a wonder that PETA haven’t got wind of this and complained about electronic animal cruelty.


The initial animals are farm based, and as you get more money and animals, this opens up the pen for a wider choice, such as African/ Polar animals. Although it does get a little crazy, as in the final stage you can start getting dinosaurs from the Jurassic period. Which, when you think about it, having stick thin fences can never be good for the other animals when you get the T-Rex … I’m sure you have seen Jurassic park and know how that one ends for the goat.

Visitors will turn up and walk around your zoo providing your tips as they gaze in wonder at your amazing collection. One guy even loves the fact you have a water fountain, so it doesn’t take much to impress these people. The sad point is that they give very little, which kind of makes staying on the game unimportant if your animals are awake, every little helps as they say.

You can use earned / found / bought credit notes which then turns your zoo into a disco as the title might suggest. So expect to boogy on down to music, a disco ball to drop down and your animals and visitors to go into what can only be described as having an epileptic fit. The benefit of this, besides the seizures, is that your animals stay awake the whole time and money earned is increased.  The more credits you spend, the longer this disco goes on for. Spending 50 tokens will make your animals dance for a full 8 hours straight, something to make even beloved Simpsons character Disco Stu ashamed of!


The quirky side to the game is that the animals have weird little sayings and noises. With the fox being the best so far, as the developers have cleverly linked it to the hit song ‘What does the fox say?’, so expect the fox to say things like “Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!” and “Ehehehehe”, with the visitors text bubbles saying “what does it say?” and “will we ever know?”.

Overall, it’s a neat game to have on your device if only to pass 5 minutes as you try to better your zoo and have more impressive animals. The music is nice and soothing, so I have found it to be a good game to wind down with before I go to bed.