Destiny’s Vault of Glass, the MMO experience

If there is one thing from WoW that I have had serious withdrawal symptoms from, it would have to be the raids. Not only because they were great times that really challenged the player, or the fact that they were so different from standard instances, they brought specific challenges to boss fights that would not be anywhere else in the game. It was a wholly different experience. They also separate the idiots who didn’t know how the play the game from the pros.

So it has been great to hear that the first raid from Destiny has come out, the Vault of Glass, so aptly named; a proper raid needs a good title. Blackwing Lair, Molten Core, Naxxramas etc. All have names that have stood out in the memories of time, where I truly hope Destiny’s Vault of Glass makes its mark. So far, from watching the plenty of streams covering the raid, it looks like it is living up to the right expectations.

If you are new to MMOs, there is one thing you need to know; a raid is supposed to be hard. It’s supposed to test you. It’s supposed to relentlessly frustrate you and you’re going to die, a freaking lot. You’re also going to need better gear, you can’t just ding max level and expect to waltz your way into a raid and be the boss. That’s not how they work, nor how they are meant to work. Now I mention this because I have seen a fair few people moaning about why they need to do all this extra work to just take part in a raid. And it’s frustrating to see, because they just don’t understand what it means to take part in one, they are too soft, too lazy. If anyone can just walk in and sweep through, where is the fun? Where is the achievement? It certainly won’t be there for sure. For me in a game, let alone MMO, there is nothing better than to finish a boss fight that’s previously been challenging, it’s a huge sigh of relief. It’s a sense of achievement shared with several other real life gamers not found in other games nor other game modes. And what’s better, it’s the loot that comes well deserved with such challenging times. Strutting around in gear that few others have is one hell of a feeling; even better because other people don’t have it, because they can’t. You don’t walk through a tough raid without the hard times, the down times, and the throw a hissy fit times.

So next time you think about moaning about how tough a raid is, take the time to get more experienced at the game, improve your skills, and get some better gear. That way, when you do finally come across the end (if you do), it will feel more like a journey, and less like a chore.

Most of the IM PLAYIN team are a part of the Destiny world, so if you want to add us and get some game time in, by all means send a friend request, or invite us to a game. When we are all sitting comfortably at level 26, we’ll be open for a raid or two as well!

On PS4, there is:
Thinkbad Monkey

On Xbox One, there is:
Alecs Pillik

Otherwise you may catch us on Twitch streaming away whenever we can:

So for now, the best of luck in Destiny, and don’t forget, Become Legend.