Destiny Character Bios – ThinkBad Monkey

The world has been exposed to Destiny and so have the team at IM PLAYIN. But  whilst jumping around with your character killing endless enemies and getting killed yourself (if you try to face the level 8 raid at level 5), it is easy to forget that the characters you play as have important stories to tell as well. With each character created, there are millions of protagonists who have been brought back to life by their ghosts. Here at IM PLAYIN, we want to take the time to give you the eventful backstories of our characters, to help give you an insight into who they are and to make you think about who you may be sending into battle night after night. So lets kick it off with ThinkBad Monkey and his Warlock pal. 

Name – Sir Sterling Killinger

Class – Warlock

Race – Human

Sir Sterling had a privileged childhood growing up in the small country town of Little Littlechester, in Hartlydale. An unfortunate accident at the age of 10, involving Sterling’s new found Warlock abilities and a farmhand called Peter Peterson, meant he was taken away and ‘studied’ in a local institute for gifted children. Being a product of wealth, Sterling continued to enjoy the finer things in life, even from within the institute, and by the age of 12 he was a world-class archer and sharpshooter, as well as a renowned expert on Tibetan Whiskey, even having published several books on the subject.

Due to the advancements made by humanity in the wake of discovering The Traveler, humanity was already well into the stars by the time Sterling hit puberty at the age of 13. With a full chests of hair, he was transferred to a select group of Warlocks who were to be trained as officer class for a Warlock regiment. It was while in combat that Sterling found his true calling and was decisive in winning many battles against native tribes of distant lands. It was while in service that Sterling decided to publish two new books, “The Art and Crafts of War” And “Sterling Killinger’s Magic Murder Hand”, both were best sellers around the galaxy.

It was on the way to a book signing in Russia that Sterling’s car was attacked, and Sterling was tragically killed while saving 3 pregnant women and 5 small old lady’s, all of whom named their children after him, even the old ladys who had to legally change their grandchildren’s names, which they were, of course, all happy to do.

It is here that Sterling was awoken by his ghost, now bearing the scars of his sacrifice in the name of battle and fine Tibetan Whiskey.