Destiny Character Bio – Romnomnom

Name – Varsul Lusrav aka Bobby Jnr

Class – Warlock

Race – Awoken

Varsul, or Bobby Jnr as he’s known when on Earth, is the latest in a long line of Warlocks in the Lusrav family. The Lusrav family are well known fighters for the City on Earth, but their history on the Reef is what they’re best known for, simply due to the concerts of Lusrav Lusrav, affectionately nicknamed “The Trumpeter from Bumpeter”.

As a young warlock, Varsul decided to make his main camp on Earth; where he first ‘awoke’ to the idea of being a saviour for the surviving Awoken. He is often seen gliding around the patrol routes of Old Russia, after learning the Cyrillic script before the Latin alphabet; and due to it often being overrun with members of the Fallen, the race which Bobby Jnr (B.J if you want to be coarse) loves to stamp on and melee as often as possible.

Varsul had been on his way to a underground dance-off competition on Old Russia when his vehicle came under attack from a rival dance-off gang. Jealous of his septuple head-spin, the gang blew out his back tires, causing the car to roll and tumble along. The gang then waited for Varsul to drag himself out of the vehicle before blasting him seven times, as a final gesture full of irony.

After being in a serious burn accident, Varsul’s hair no longer grows, thus walks around with the Sun hitting his bald blue head which can stun enemies at very close range due to the light reflection. His cheeks bare two markings; signifying that to this point in his life, he has been involved in two wars, the infamous Tibetan Whiskey War and the Awoken Five Days War.

Growing up, Varsul watched a lot of Game of Thrones, to gain an insight, he thought, to what Humans were like, being totally unaware that the show was made up and not a documentary. Because of this, his ghost decided not to sound like his own voice, but rather that of his favourite character, Tyrion Lannister.