Destiny Character Bio – Kailios

Name: Engelbert Humperdinck the 2nd

Class: Hunter

Race: Exo

Life can sometimes be tough for an Exo, having been built to serve the organics. It’s a career which heavily involves protecting the ‘Creator’, and other such roles which involve serving actual living things. Although since this Mark 5.5 Exo had been made, he (if you can call it a he) had other ideas. Bigger ideas. Ideas that mechanically based beings should not be able to comprehend without frazzling their circuits. This mark 5.5 wanted more, he wanted to be Human. And the first step to this was to have a name, one that would be so outrageously cool in other human’s eyes; he would have to be taken on as one of their own. Hence Engelbert Humperdinck the 2nd was born.

It is now 5 years to the date he was reborn, Engelbert has been taken on the role of being a human so seriously that he replaced his cold steel colour bionic eyes with those of bright blue to be more personable. On top of this, he wears heavy cloaks and face masks to hide his robotic like frame. At one point he even took to old fashioned and most forgotten dance classes of salsa and 1970’s disco to hide his robotic swagger. This was not a cheap process, and involved many late nights down the red light district of the Tower performing acts that humans did not think were achievable. However, Engelbert was not thinking of the acts, but more of those shiny eyes that would make him welcomed in the human community. The details are dark, so dark infact that for age ratings sake could not be included in this bio.

Englebert became quite renowned in the Guardian world, due to his excellence on the field. His mastery of the precision rifles become that of almost legend as his Golden Gun ability was able to  shoot more times than he had bullets for. He was also able to shoot the nose hair off a fallen dreg, which is still questioned as many are still not sure if fallen have nose hair.

To this day, Engelbert roams the planets in search of true enlightenment to achieve human status. Although he still has flash backs whenever he sees the colour red.