Destiny Character Bio – Alecs Pillik

Name – Unit 413C aka Charles

Class – Hunter

Race – Exo

Unit 413C began its life like every other machine, serving the human race. Day in, day out 413C toiled away to humanities’ every whim as a lowly Service Droid. I mean, really lowly. He wasn’t one of those fancy lift operating Service Droids either; you know, the ones that work in the hotel chain Hilton and press the button for certain floors. Nope, he was a cleaner bot, destined to live his life scrubbing skid marks off of toilets and refilling those annoying little paper towels that you can never seem to get out of the dispenser.

That was, of course, until the Golden Age. What’s that? You don’t know what happened in the Golden Age? Do they not teach you Old World history in space school?! Fine. Well, the Golden Age was a period of time in which humanity really began to kick arse. They totally rocked the universe and, whilst doing so, decided to create an awesome army of super-class killing machines, known as Exos. 413C was one of the lucky few that had its motherboard re-wired into a fancy new Exo body. I mean, it still had to serve humanity as a self-aware killing machine, but at least it got to look totally sick whilst doing it – plus cobalt grey really brings out its eyes. Anywhoo. Just after the Golden Age, something super awful happened; the collapse. During the collapse, all of the deadly, self-aware (but not self conscious because they knew how totally epic they looked) Exos were rebooted, loosing both their memory and original function in the process. Many Exos integrated themselves back into society, after the collapse, but 413C wasn’t quite so lucky. The machine was picked up by a bounty hunter and repurposed as his partner in crime. Eventually the ‘413’ had been rubbed off of its chest plate after centuries of chasing bounties in the rough Martian sands of Mars. Over time, 413C became known as Charles… but its much more of a Charlie… or Chazz.

After being left, forgotten for decades, Charles was eventually revived by the Ghost and, if you’ve played the opening half hour of Destiny, you’ll know that Charles is… destined… to do something incredible; maybe even save the universe. Not bad for a lump of metal that began life scrubbing toilets.