Despicable Me: Minion Rush

With Despicable Me 2 hitting cinemas to much expected praise, the natural compliment for any Disney film (the game) is now out on IOS and Android devices.

Minion Rush is classified as a runner and as many who follow our website will know, we are huge fans of the genre. Not only the gameplay, but for the way they fit into the handheld market, making the best of the suitability and ease of use.

But what can Minion Rush offer that other runners can’t? Well first of all the game is free, helping it to claim the top stop in the charts since its release. Secondly, for those who have seen either of the films, the game manages to capture the quirky aspects of the Minions that makes the films so much fun. Not only can we see mini clips of the minions fighting over a trophy but within the game the minions will pull faces and work in together to fling you into the game itself.

Minion Rush4

Gameplay finds itself eating from the same pot as many other games, swiping moves the character while having to jump and duck to avoid obstacles. The magic comes from the environments the stages are set in. Going from the lab to outside seems seamless with a great deal of effort put in to making sure that the levels feel as much like the film as possible. You can also take different routes when the path branches off to give you options on how to tackle the obstacles ahead. Boss battles are also added in to break up the norm, providing additional challenges and actions.

Minion Rush

Minion Rush is supported by the usual array of challenges, outfits and unlockables that we have come to expect from these games but it is always a satisfying feeling to see the minions in different get ups and nice to earn the additional boosts. Top Top  – You can earn additional items by entering gift codes. (You can find the codes online, but you didn’t here that from me).

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