DaddyLongLegs: like QWOP, but with an adorable furry box on stilts

After being in a cast for the past few months, iPad games have become my saviour. I’ve been playing various games such as Minion Rush, Candy Crush and Temple Run to stop myself from going mad. So after browsing through the free chart list on the App Store this morning, I stumbled across a new game: DaddyLongLegs.

Now I’m quite partial to a simple game, something that I can play and watch television at the same time (what can I say, I’m a top multitasker), and the point of this game by developers Set Snail, is as simple as it comes. All you have to do is tap the screen to make the (rather adorable, not quite like its real insect counterpart) daddy long leg’s… well… legs, move, and get as far as possible with each try. Easy? Possibly, but when you look like a furry box on stilts it becomes increasingly difficult.


After my first go, I managed the measly length of 9.34 metres. I thought “hmm, not a bad start, let’s improve on that”, and this is where my problems began. Ever since, after a good 20 or so goes, I have managed to go backwards more times than forwards, trying to tap in a rhythm, slowly, quickly, and I must confess, just randomly stabbing out at the screen in frustration (I did manage 8.05 metres with this technique however, so not all bad).

I definitely compare this game to the equally difficult “QWOP”, with its simple goal, with simple controls, but with maddeningly difficult consequences. However, even though QWOP for me was not a game I particularly enjoyed, giving up after a few goes, the cuteness of this game makes it strangely endearing. The noise the ‘long legs makes when he hits the floor, and the entire animation of the game is very well done.

Overall for a free game, I highly recommend this adorable, easy to play, and highly addictive title, which is perfect for when you only have 5 mixtures to try and beat your last score!

By Miss Batsey