Cut the Rope / Windows Surface RT

Since I was a young lad, I have always wondered to myself, ‘what do frogs eat?’. A simple question, tis true, I was a simple child. Well, thanks to Cut The Rope, I now know that they eat pieces of candy – eat your heart out David Attenborough! Of course, I am only joking. Please don’t go feeding frogs candy, not even the magical chocolate ones off Harry Potter. What I am actually talking about (forgiving my previous introduction, I just had no idea of how best to introduce this game) is a physics-based game from Russian developers ZeptoLab, involving frogs, ropes, candy and cutting.

Now, I just want to start by saying that this is my first ever ‘Train Game’ review as this, believe it or not, is my first ever tablet (I should probably elaborate by saying that I’m writing this review on my snazzy new tablet). I’ve spent years thinking about getting a tablet, without ever actually taking the plunge. It’s not that I didn’t warrant their usefulness as work aids or gaming machines, it was just that I refused to pay through the nose for something that my laptop was perfectly capable of doing. Being a poor, lowly student living off of value bake beans and food drops from my relatives had nothing to do with it, I swear. Now that I’m a poor lowly graduate with an ok paying job, however, I feel like I can splash out a little. Especially as my laptop committed hari-kari in the most spectacular of fashions.  So here it is, my fancy tablet, or Windows Surface RT, as it has come to be known and my first ever review of a ‘train game’.


So, back to the game. The Surface has a pretty good selection of games, from shooters, to racers to classic bored games – but none quite as fun and addictive as Cut The Rope. It’s a simple game at heart – get the candy to the hungry frog. But, unsurprisingly enough, it isn’t quite that easy. Some sadistic S.O.B has created an intricate system of ropes, bubbles, walls, fans and sharp turney things to keep that yummy candy as far away from poor Mr Frog as possible. That means that it’s your job to navigate these obstacles to ensure that ol’ froggy gets his dinner.

Much like a maze, you have to swipe the ropes to free the candy and navigate it toward the frog. Obviously, there are plenty of obstacles in your way and, using your quick wit, speedy reactions and problem solving abilities, you must find the most efficient way of getting the candy to the frog. But along with the candy, frogs also seem to like stars. These stars are dotted around the level. The more stars you collect with the candy, the happier Mr Frog will be and he’ll give you more points – greedy bastard. It’s a fun and simple game. It’s incredibly responsive and very addictive to boot. Play it on your Surface (or similar Microsoft tablet) and you can even earn yourselves some Xbox achievements, it’s a win-win!

This game is available on pretty much everything from Surface to Nintendo 3DS (the full list is in the tags below) and is the perfect way to kill that hour of train journey to work or even those dragging minutes of your day whilst you wait for the kettle to boil … or use the toilet.