Call of Duty vs Battlefield – is the war finally over?

The past week has seen the reveal of the new two biggest FPS games known in the market; Call of Duty aptly named Infinite, and Battle Field 1 (great chronological order there, but I can see where they’ve come from). There has always been rivalry, and competition for both, with the majority of players falling into one or the other’s camp. Both games have always offered an incredible FPS experience, whether you’ve fancied the fast paced action that the CoD franchise has come to deliver, or the large scale warfare associated with the Battlefield series.

Having just revealed how each will look to play out via their release trailers on Youtube, the numbers currently say it all right now. Battlfield has swapped up current, let alone future warfare, and gone back a few years to the World War 1 era. Something that has been rather sought after by gamers drowning in the number of titles offering current/ future generation combat. Battlefield has seemingly delivered exactly what the gaming community have asked for, and is demonstrated by the fact that as of today, the viewer count has reached over 20 million views, of which 1 million have upvoted, and a mere 19k have down voted.

On the other hand we have CoD. Oh CoD, how you couldn’t of messed it up anymore. Having their last title set in the near future, and gamers having requested an earlier in time FPS set game. Infinite developers Infinity Ward have decided to throw caution to the wind, and delivered a far future combat FPS, in what will involve a lot of space! This is a bold move, considering the amount of other future set combat games already covering this area (such as Destiny to a PVP  degree). Demonstrating the disappointment, the gaming community has backed this up by the current view count, at just over 14 million, and the staggering 1 million plus down votes that catches the eye. That’s one heck of a percentage of people showing their dislike for the next CoD title!

Check out the screen shots below to see for yourself.

Infinite Warfare is getting some negative feedback on YouTube


Battlefield 1 is getting much more favourable press

Do you feel that this represents your own view? Or are you mega excited to play a CoD game set hundreds of years from now? Let me know in the comments below!