Clash of Clans Update – Clan Wars!

For those of you who are addicted to Clash of Clans, like myself, you will already know well enough about the update that has rolled out a little while back. However for those who are still not aware of what CoC is, or maybe you are just oblivious the new changes, it really adds a new twist to events.

The clan war update is something that cannot effect you negatively, so with that in mind, it’s good to know you are in a possible win win situation. Of course this win situation will depend on how good your clan actually is. Clans have always played a large part in the game, by affecting battles indirectly in the sense that they can provide you with troops to either help defend your base or to attack others. They also give the game an element of social interaction with the chat feature. This can be useful with regards to new players wanting to learn from the experienced, or just as a general “hey, how’s your day”. You’re not tied to your clan either. Thus it is easy to leave and join as you please, meaning that if you join a clan that isn’t very helpful or active, you can simply go join another. Of course, this may mean you will encounter the type of player who will join, request troops for aid and than leave with a nice high level dragon and so forth. So before parting with your troops, make sure they are not request heavy and not so giving.

Anyway, back to the update. As it says in the title, the new update will actually allow the clans to battle each other. The leader of the clan will choose which clan to attack, in which case you will have a 24 hour preparation period. This is where your clan will have said amount of time to provide troops to your clan mates. This is done in a completely different world to your normal town. Thus meaning anything that occurs in the Clan Wars will not effect your normal town. When donating troops to your clan mates in the clan war, they will stay with them for that battle only. After preparation has occurred, you will have a 24 hour battle off between the two clans involved. And simply put, the clan with the most stars gained from won battles will take the glory (and not to mention a nice amount of resource). Depending on who you attacked and how successful you was will depend on how much of the rewards you can reap. Attacking another player in the clan war, being successful in your individual battle and winning that clan war will see you bring in the gold. Winning a battle but not the clan war will see you take a little resource. Loose both and expect to see nout. So it’s all fair in the game of war.

This therefore brings a lot more reliability on your clan mates to perform and defend well. Your clan needs to be attacking successfully to earn more stars, but they also need to have solid defenses in order to prevent the enemy clan from gaining more stars. Of course, this does open up the chance of very high end players taking on low levels in order to gain an easy 3 stars. However with only 2 attacks per player, you need to choose your opponent well or loose the chance of taking your clan to victory!

The update does add a nice edition to those who are frequent players. It gives the chance to show off clan might, as well as to earn extra dollar for those oh so expensive upgrades. However, at the same time as it being great, it also means that you could be doing all of the hard work for some couch potatoes. I guess you’ll just have to trust your clan mates!

Being a part of the Zygon Invasion clan, I will see you on the battlefield as friend or foe!