Clash of Clans – “Go, My Minions of War!”

I am going to start off by giving you a warning, which is not how a review normally starts I know, but I feel it must be stated. This is the type of game that when you start playing and getting into, will be a struggle to put down. it will take over your toilet breaks, your evenings and it can be contagious if you show your friends. Be warned.

Right now that’s over and done with, we can move on! Clash of Clans is an online strategy game built for the mobile, having originally come out for IOS and recently (about time!) for Android. You start off by building up a small base which can then be upgraded the further you get into the game. Buildings will be the like of; Army Camps, Elixir Collectors/ Gold Mines and your main town hall amongst, many more. To upgrade and purchase troops you need either gold or elixir found from your farm type buildings or through attacking the computer or other players. As you attack and defend successfully, you gain trophies; this will determine the people you play against. A handy but main feature is the Clan System, allowing players to join up with other people under one banner. Your clan is then used to help attack or defend when called upon, with a handy chat option so you can request help as well as get to know your clan fellows.

Building up your base takes some thinking, as other player out there will scope through your defences to find the weakest part, and once they do, say good bye to some hard earned gold and trophies. Every time you get attacked, and by gosh you will be, it’s best to evaluate where they came through and see if there is anything that could be improved on. So in this way, it’s a constantly evolving game on how to create the best defence, which then rewards or punishes you based on your decisions. There is a range of different defence structures that all need to be placed with some brains. You start off with the simple archer tower, but as you go along you will soon find your base armed up with cannons, mortars and anti air structures. There isn’t a much better feeling in the game than having your base attacked by a mass army, only to be held off without them gaining a single star. The painful side to this is that you have no say in the situation. It’s a matter of watching the battle take place, to either triumph from your side or to watch miserably as your defences crumble after a wave of onslaught. On the plus side, should you take a battering, depending on how hard, you will get some time to recuperate by a shield being put up, preventing likely attackers.

However, it’s not all about defence; the attacking element is by far the most fun part (well, for me). There is a wide variety of troops available, obtained as you bounce your way up the building upgrades, from simple sword and shield baring barbarians, to archers, wizards and to the more epic units such as dragons. What makes the difference here than say your normal strategy game, is the unit control. Mainly as you have none. Once you place your mighty warriors down, they will go for whatever is closest. This is then affected by the unit type, if you slap some giants down, they are going to smash through the nearest wall and head straight for the enemies defence. Plonk down some greedy goblins and they head straight for the resources. It’s all a strategic game of placement, poor choices will lead to quick losses and vice versa. This makes Clash of Clans one of the titles you need to spend some time on to get a better idea on how to play it.

The annoying side to the game, as any freebie, is that as you start to get into the later stages, things start pushing for real money purchases. When this happens, you’re constantly looking at spending some gems (purchased with real money, or earned in tiny amounts in game). Hit the higher levels and it will take 6 days+ to upgrade a single structure. Now, that to me is a bit excessive. Especially as the game starts off fast paced, upgrades are cheap and you can push through at a good pace to prevent putting the game down for more than a few hours. Than all of a sudden it’s like a hitting a wall and as you only have X amount of builders that can create / upgrade a structure at any given moment, you can be waiting some time to progress to the next smallest step. I will also admit that when attacking, I know having no unit control is a part of the game; however it’s quite frustrating to lose a match because your archers decide to pewpew a builders hut as opposed to a defence tower which is 2ft to its right. Leading to comments such as: “ITS TWO FEET AWAY, WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME … GAH!”

I strongly believe that Clash of Clans is definitely a must try game on the mobile. It’s a title that you can keep on tick over, at least when you’re in the later stages. I myself find it nigh on impossible to start my day and end my day without checking in on my base, and carrying out a cheeky attack now and then. The graphics are fairly decent, but not outstanding, and for some reason the sound is very poor / laggy on my Samsung Galaxy S3 compared to that of the iPad (which is crisp and clear).

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Developer: Supercell
Platform: Android, IOS
Genre: Strategy
Player Modes: Multiplayer Online
Price: Free