Captain America: Super Soldier

As a huge Marvel comic and cinematic universe fan, I couldn’t help but resist purchasing this game for the Xbox 360. Created by an independent company, Next Level Games, and published by Sega, the game pits you as Captain America, doing what he does best and foiling HYDRA’s plans for World Domination during World War Two. Although we go into the game knowing the primary premise of the game, the game throws a few winks at followers of the comics; for instance, Dr Erskine is working on the Mastermann Project, obviously a heads up towards Master Man, the villain created to match Captain America.

The Super Soldier game is very reminiscent of the latest instalments to the Batman series, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, because of the speed of which you complete objectives and move on, and the amount of goodies (Riddler trophies in Batman equates to the Eggs, Video Reels and plans in Super Soldier). Obviously, the major difference is that whilst playing as the Caped Crusader, a certain amount of grace and prancing around the rooftops is involved; something nobody expects ‘The Cap’ to do. The Cap bashes, ‘Super punches’ and launches his shield at everyone and everything in this title, as expected. But it works. Smashing and crashing your way through legions of Nazis and HYDRA soldiers is just so much fun. Yet, some enemies require a bit of thought to beat, such as Madame Hydra and Iron Cross (Thank God he appeared in this, I really felt he could have added so much to the Captain America: The First Avenger film), but also telekinetic enemies and snipers. I couldn’t and WOULDN’T dare to say the game is on the same level as Batman…With Arkham Asylum among my favourite games.

One of the best features for me, was the free roam of the whole game, as well as the Sewer paths underneath that linked, and acted as a shortcut if needed, throughout the different regions of the Bavarian mountain you’re fighting at. The map was easy to read, find, understand, and made trawling for the ceramic eggs and other goodies throughout each section a lot easier and made it a shorter task to get every achievement, perhaps too much so though. 


The graphics aren’t great, but they don’t put you off too much, they’re neither here nor there. The challenges are a good side note to the main campaign, such as racing through a maze to find the exit point before you become to swamped down, or climbing to the top of the rocket site before it takes off. The latter of these two really shows a strong parkour influence, with the Cap swinging from pole to pole, running round corners and jumping from wall to wall, a feature which the developers have done quite well.

The game’s real strength is using the actual voices of the characters from the film to good use. Chris Evans stands out as the legendary Cap, but performances from Neal McDonough as Dum Dum Dugan (and as my favourite member of the Band of Brothers, Buck Compton)and Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes. However, Bucky’s role is very minor, and the same goes for Red Skull. I was hoping for a much more involved nature, perhaps even a co-op part which could see players control both the Cap and Bucky as they storm through the castle, but it wasn’t meant to be.


Overall, as a massive fan of Captain America, it was playable, but there were aspects that could have easily improved. However, if you’re into games that are cheap and easy for achievements, look no further.