Candy Crush

There are a few games out there that rack your brains past headache stage for weeks on end, have you up at night telling yourself “just complete one more ” or have you searching around the entire internet for help on the current level, yet have you going back for more. Candy Crush happens to be one of those game. Also, having surpassed 21 million likes on Facebook, over 45 million downloads across all platforms and featuring in a Psy video, you know the developers King must be doing something tasty that gets people playing it.

You will find yourself engrossed in the drastically simple yet wholly addictive game play that Candy Crush offers, and as a free game on the app stores if you haven’t given it a go already, you might as well! It is a great little game that will help pass the time, and one that you will commonly see other people doing the same. Currently with 305 levels (365 on the Facebook version) being increased every now and then with updates, you could say longevity is one of this games strong points.


The game mechanics are similar to that of board games of match 3, moving candy of six different colours one square horizontally or vertically in order to match it up with at least 3 others of the same colour to cause them to burst (we’ve all played Bejeweled right?). There are a variety of different objectives throughout which all get more complicated and increased in difficulty as you progress as expected. These will keep you coming back time and time again to complete, not to mention the vast amount of levels, this game will keep you playing for many a month to come.

What sets this little game above the rest was that anyone can simply pick it up and play, add some bright vibrant graphics (it pretty much can appeal to all ages) and some real challenging levels later on, and you’ve got a game you will want to keep playing.  Add an edge of competitiveness to it, and you’ve got a recipe for addiction.

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With free games, you can understand that they are most likely going to offer premium paid for content or booster items to aid in your Candy Crush’ing madness to get you past the next level, and this is common in Candy Crush (the developers gotta make money too right?). However, when it gets to a stage where you basically HAVE to buy something in order to progress, that kind of puts you off playing it (well it sure does me).

All in all, it’s what it says on the jar. If you’ve played Bejeweled and love that kind of game, than Candy Crush is without a doubt for you. Along with the fact that many of your friends are probably playing it, asking for extra moves won’t be so difficult to continue with busting some candy goodness.

If you really enjoyed the game or hated it, feel free to comment below or tweet us your thoughts @IM_PLAYIN. And if you’re a sufferer of Candy Crush addiction, please please, go get help first.

You can download the game at either: