Call of Duty WWII – too little too late?

The teaser trailer for Call of Duty WWII was OK. I was once a huge Call of Duty fan. Massive in fact. I loved everything about it, from the multiplayer to the story. But sometime after World at War, I fell out of love with the franchise.

Maybe it was the rinse and repeat stories. Or maybe it was the increasingly fast paced “jumpy” nature of the multiplayer combat. Either way, I was no longer a fan.

Back to basics

Then Sledgehammer announced that the next Call of Duty is going back to basics. Back to boots on the ground. It caught my interest. Though who wasn’t interested? Another Call of Duty set in the Second World War? What could be better!

But then came the teaser trailer, and I didn’t really feel anything. Not a sausage. No overwhelming excitement. No uncontrollable fan girling. Not even a cheeky look on Amazon to see the pre-order price. It’s not that it didn’t look good. It just felt like it’s come a little too late.

Granted, it was just a teaser trailer. I’d never usually make up my mind on a game until I’ve had the chance to play it. But when I compare it to the feelings I had watching the teaser for Battlefield 1, it feels like the teaser for Call of Duty WWII has missed the mark.

Burnt one two many times

With the CoD series of late, I’ve not had the slightest inclination to give it a go. No teaser trailer or extended look at gameplay could convince me otherwise. I’ve been burnt. But I was hoping that the reveal for Call of Duty WWII would flick a switch. That it would re-ignite my fire for the Call of Duty series. But no such luck.

Battlefield 1’s teaser was high-tempo and it grabbed your attention. For me, Call of Duty WWII’s trailer hasn’t achieve that. The trailer felt a little more emotional, perhaps even a little reserved. It didn’t get my heart or fist pumping – at the very least. I think a lot of that had to do with the music. EA / DICE’s use of Seven Nation Army was almost inspirational.

Call of Duty WWII will be a good game

Perhaps I’d built it up too much in my head. Maybe I’ve been waiting for it for too long. Expecting too much. Had it just been another game. Any other game, in fact. Maybe I’d be far more excited. But I’ve been waiting for Call of Duty to return to the Second World War for some time. Now that it’s happening, I thought I’d feel a little more excited, or enthused, than I currently do.

Maybe that’s the issue. Maybe we’ve been waiting too long for this game. Or perhaps I’ve been waiting too long, at least. It’s given me a chance to build it up beyond anything Sledgehammer could actually deliver.

All of that being said. I still think that it looks like a good game. And I’ll certainly be picking it up in November. I’m just hoping that my levels of excitement will increase over the coming months.

How about you? What did you think of the teaser trailer? Let me know in the comment below!