Burial At Sea Part 1 – The Calm Before the Storm

I was massively excited going into this DLC, after purchasing the season pass and waiting ages for anything to be released, we were treated to a crap, ‘take on waves of enemies’, extra that left a bad taste in the mouth.

Burial at Sea takes us back to Rapture, reprising our role as Booker Dewitt.  Following the events of Infinite, Booker, a private detective in Rapture, is approached by Elizabeth, now sexier and more alluring – though her dad won’t be happy to see her smoking!  She tasks Booker to help her find a young girl. Booker accepts the job after revealing he knows the girl she is looking for and so begins the journey into chaos.


While the gameplay is the same as Infinite, bringing features such as the skyhook into rapture is a neat expansion to this underwater world and makes you think of how useful this would have been on the first visit. With our return to Rapture we are now back to Plasmids and EVE instead of Vigors and Salt. With this also comes a new Plasmid, Old Man Winter. Old Man Winter can freeze enemies to be smashed, or freeze running water to create bridges to other sections of the city, this is a great new features that I hope to see more of in later DLC.

The biggest difference is found in the resources, or lack there of. Playing through Infinite on regular difficulty saw a modest amount of ammo and Salt coming our way, but this is not that case under the sea. You will be scampering around for every last bullet you can find, and making sure they hit the mark when a splicer is charging you down.

Overall I found it to be a very short and not brilliantly satisfying experience, certainly not what I wanted after such a long wait. However, exploring a pre Bioshock Rapture created a nice juxtaposition, which made the chaos all the more frightening. Just like Infinite, being able to feel safe for a small time made the rest of the game so much more immersive. If you are a fan of the series and have loved all the games so far then you would have already played this DLC. If not then it is still a nice edition to the universe, just don’t expect to be playing it for hours.