Building your way through the Lego Universe!

I’ve been hyped over Lego Marvel as soon as I heard that it had been announced. That’s how I am. I love Marvel, always have done, but the same goes for Lego. I must admit, in my early teens I forgot about my many years of building with Lego toys until I saw a Lego vending machine in the Berlin Underground Stations. The video games have reawakened by love for Lego to an even greater extent. I was lucky enough to play Marvel Superheroes at Eurogamer with the IM PLAYIN lads, and I got to thinking about how much fun and joy the series and games have given me over the years, despite being perhaps targeted at a slightly younger audience than myself. But, that’s what I love about the Lego games, they appeal to all. The Lego Marvel Superheroes game looks to continue on from where Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Indiana Jones (and so many more) left off.

The ability to captivate and enthral an audience seems to come naturally to the creators of this historic product, and despite being worried when I first heard Lego had gone into the realms of talking pieces, the Lord of the Rings game convinced me otherwise; and the trailers for the Marvel Superheroes game did just as much to back up my faith. It was amazing how much you got from the character when they had the inability to talk, just from their basic mouth movements and hand actions. It added an invaluable comic element to the games, which cannot be understated or underestimated when it comes to trying to appeal to children.


I’ll start at the beginning – The first Lego video game I picked up was Lego Batman. The game instantly ensnared me and dragged me into the Lego universe. Such a fun game to play, that you find yourself smiling, giggling, pondering and even infuriated at points by the complexity of some parts (one certain part involving Freeze really threw me for a while!). But these feelings I’ve mentioned stay with you throughout all the games. Lego Indy was responsible for me killing my friend on the game (playing as Marian) in an attempt to get an achievement, something I still hear about to this day – and something I’ll probably hear about for a while more! Indiana Jones is one of those iconic series that captivates the whole family and the Lego twist on this series makes it that bit more fun. With the iconic music in the background, swinging around as Indiana Jones is an experience that I’ll never forget!

All Lego games manage to translate the most recognisable and memorable scenes from all the films it covers into fun, playable levels; a tough ask, but something TT Games manages to do so well every time. Mos Eisley bar in Star Wars, and the University from Indiana Jones serve as the main hub of activity in the Lego games.


The Harry Potter series had the unique feature of being able to roam all over Hogwarts, which was amazing in the Lego world (of course, when you’re looking for a specific room you can never find it due to there being so, so, so many corridors >.<). I first remember reading the Lord of the Rings books towards the end of primary school; and these memories were brought back to me when playing the Lego version of the game. In my honest opinion, the actual Lord of the Rings games that were tied to the films were classic fighter games, and the Lego series has added a very unique and appreciated twist on what was already a favourite series/saga/universe of mine.

So this brings me on to Marvel Superheroes. I absolutely adore Marvel. One of the only films I bothered to buy on Blu-Ray. I have a huge collection of comics … will they do it justice? Of course, I’m a tiny bit worried, but as usual, I know the games will pull through. People are always nervous when something so close to their heart is being ‘tampered with’. But – the folks over at TT, know exactly what they’re doing. Heck, they’ve done it to so many series, they must be bored of the same routine to an extent. But they do it so well. I think a thank you is in order, for all of the fantastic games they’ve made. They’re amazing, the demo was brilliant, it’s a riot, as usual, and I’m stoked for when the real deal comes out. But it’s a shame you’ve delayed the Xbox One title!

Developer: TT Games
Publisher: Warner Bros
Platform: Windows, 3DS, PS3/4/Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360/One
Genre: Action-Adventure
Player Modes: Single player, Split-screen co-op.
Price: £10 to £47 (47 for Lego marvel on next gen)