Borderlands 2 – 5 Reasons To Play Again

Borderlands 2 is widely accepted as one of the best games of the last generation, and if you would like to see the source for that information, I just assume everyone loved it as much as I did. Even though I now have the Pre Sequel to play through, I have found nothing more enjoyable than booting up number 2 again and just playing the hell out if it.

Here are the top 5 reasons for why Borderlands 2 just doesn’t get old.

1. The Comedy

It’s very hard for a game to do comedy well, unlike a video, unless you are in a cut scene, the game has to rely on the players to be looking in the right place or to be moving at the right pace to make many of the funny moments work. Borderlands has always been able to transcend this with some fantastic writing and dynamite set pieces. It doesn’t even lose its charm the second or third time around as you wait in anticipation for the gags. I even wait until someone is watching me half the time so they can enjoy it as well.

2. The Graphics

When you mention how something holds up, you always have to talk about the graphics. As technology moves forward the level of graphics gets so far advanced that it can’t help but effect the feeling you get going back to an old game. Borderlands is not quite old enough to get a rose tinted glasses vibe going for the graphics, but non the less, it won’t be that much of an issue in the future. Thanks to its comic, cell shading style, Borderlands will be able to survive the ages in greater grace than many of its contemporaries.

3. The Guns

Oh the guns, who could not be drawn to their majesty. One of the best ways to make something feel new & fresh is to mix it up. Besides a few set weapons that you know may drop or you may get from a quest, the guns in Borderlands are so random in their deployment, no gameplay will feature the same arsenal.

4. The Characters

This combines a lot with the humour and comedy of the game but the characters provide  an amazing conduit to bring that fantastic writing to life. As you play through you will genuinely look forward to seeing NPC’s again and get excited as they play out their roles with perfect punch.

5. The Enemies

You have to take the bad with the good, and in the spirit of that we have to nod our head to those annoying mobs that like to kill us when we are not looking. All of the humanoid enemies have a great sense of character, with hilarious one liners and that almost makes you feel bad for killing them half the time. Even the monsters have a certain charm that may cause me to let out a few curse words, but you soon realise that they are there to piss you off the way any mobs should.

Borderlands 2 is a great game & everyone knew that going in. It’s held up perfectly on the PS4 & there is no barrier to starting a new character & driving in to Pandora for another round of mayhem.