Bitcoin Billionaire – Now a bit-part of my day

After picking up the great iOS game Zombie Catchers, I’ve got back into picking up a few ‘On-The-Go’ games as we like to call them. The second in my recent list is a little title called Bitcoin Billionaire.

How I wish this game was real life. A billion bitcoins roughly translates to around 240 Billion GBP, or 385 Billion USD. The highest I’ve been so far is 15Gb (EDIT: This is now 1.2pb), which I can only wish was real… I could weep right now. The best thing about this game, in my opinion, is that although it’s constantly offering you things, it keeps you engaged, non-stop. Every 20/30 seconds, an amazon-esque drone appears for you to collect and open, as well as email offers to open and see every 1 minute or so, or the cards that pop up every 5 minutes. This constant engagement means that even though you might have finished a task and want to do the next one, you’ve got other things to do before going to the phone task list. This constant engagement means that even if you have something else to do, a different game to play, or comic to read, or video to watch, you stick with this game to try and reach the goal.

The game seems quite open ended; even though the aim is to become a Bitcoin Billionaire. I’ve seen that it at least goes up to Exabytes (I didn’t even know what this was, I had to look it up), so the game will no doubt reach a point where you kick it off your device instead of complete the game… although there is a small list of achievements, and achievement points, within to complete. To reach this, you have to keep upgrading your investment per second, which can also be topped up by constantly tapping the screen, which is called “bit mining”, and this amount is upgradable as well. These fast tapping parts remind me of the Epic Meal Time game, when the big chunks of food go in the mouth! (If you’ve not played this game, I love it, based on the huge YouTube hit.)

An interesting thing about this game, is that it’s almost promoting a new type of micro-transaction… well it’s new to me at least. During the game, some things that come through the cards or through the boxes and emails are negative, stuff like losing a third of your bitcoins or no investment income for 2 minutes… well these can be skipped, by watching ads or allowing banner ads for up to 30 seconds, or by using the ‘Hyperboost’ coins, which are between the usual micro-transaction part of buying 50 for £1.49 and in-game currency, in terms of you’re able to pick up up to 25 a day.

The graphics aren’t much – but then they don’t need to be. “Bitcoins” has meant that the designers have made the graphics 8-bit, but it works well. The environment doesn’t change much, there’s simply your character, which you do design at the start, and a few unlockables when you upgrade your BitMiner, for example BitMiner V7.0 unlocks a new sturdier desk, V6.0 unlocked a doggy companion and so on.

When I first starting working my way through Bitcoin Billionaire, I couldn’t help but compare it to Weed Farm, a highly addictive time based game that Thinkbad Monkey and I were constantly playing for a while. There’s no particular reason for this, I suppose the buying of different items to speed up the process of gaining money, as well as the small changes to the environment that you can do, but that’s about it.

The tasks in the game are fairly simply, open 9 drones, buy 2 upgrades to the BitMiner, or unlock 3 hyperboosts from boxes, from which you get 30 second tap bonuses or an instant 150x your investment, all of which are fairly simple, quick to work through and gives a decent reward, a balance I feel that the game has got perfect for an app game. That balance is the difference between enjoying a game and constantly playing it and perhaps enjoying a game but stopping playing after an hour.