It’s Our Birthday And We’ll Cry If We Want To

It has officially been two years since we first posted an article under the name of ‘IM PLAYIN’. Two. Whole. Years. Where does the time go? It feels like almost yesterday that I was discussing the idea for a basic gaming blog with Alex (Think Bad), Con (Rom) and Steve (Kailios). Now look at us! Two years on and we’ve had hundreds of thousands of views across our articles and videos, we’ve grown a fantastic base of writers from across the globe and we have a beautiful website – thanks to Den (HONEYL00PS) – what more could I ask for? World domination? No… that would be crazy.

What I really want is for another year just like the one just passed. Our first year of IM PLAYIN was a bit hit and miss – it was a rocky start to say the least. We’d get ten views a day, or fifty on a good day, and we’d put out about an article a week. Last year, however, we really hit our stride. We published articles which ended up reaching tens of thousands of people, and were shared hundreds of times, and we made videos which were watched by hundreds. Sure, it wasn’t perfect at times, but it was pretty damn good. If we can keep up the pace this year (or even surpass it), I’ll be one happy bunny.

We at IM PLAYIN aren’t doing this for the money, in fact, we don’t make any money at all (from the site, of course). We’re doing this because of our love for gaming. We want to create a community that discusses their favourite games, and the games that they’re really enjoying at the time. We want to build a hub for people like us, who enjoy video-games and like sharing their experiences with like minded people. So I’d like to thank you all for supporting IM PLAYIN over these past two years and I want to encourage you to keep reading, keep sharing and keep commenting about the games you love!