Bioshock Infinite: Tips and Tricks

The well spoke of 1999 difficulty is what had us chatting a lot here at IM PLAYIN, mostly in frustration. It wasn’t set out to be a walk in the park, it was designed to take you back to the old school gaming difficulty that had you face palming yourself for stupid costly mistakes, and boy will it have you doing just that if you don’t know the tricks of the trade. So here we are, here to give what we thought were the top tips for getting you through the game.

1) Pick your weapons wisely – After playing through the game on previous difficulties, you will have a feel for the weapons found throughout Columbia. In previous difficulties you would be able to upgrade most of them and pick them up to use as you go along. Not so in 1999 mode. For us, we focused on using the Carbine to start with, giving it damage upgrades, then as the game progressed, focusing on the Hand Cannon for optimal 1 shots on basic enemies, combined with the use of the Sniper Rifle for those pesky sharp shoot offs and the shotgun for those near fist fights. With there being plenty of space and manoeuvrability throughout the environments to duck and dive between, higher end damage is a vital component to ending a fight quickly, so make sure your upgrading your weapons as soon as you can.

2) Take your time – Money is everything. There are many troubles facing you in Infinite, and none other than the key product that keeps you in the game, and that’s dollar. You need money to buy Vigor and weapon upgrades, ammo (if you aren’t going for the achievement) and also paying for your untimely death at 100 silver a time. Run dry on the stuff when you die and you will find yourself back at the main menu having to reload at the last checkpoint. Of course this can work two ways, as either  helpful if its close by but more commonly finding yourself set further back than you would have liked. You will find that if you die too many times in the same area, its best to just reload anyway and take it on again, this time with a better game plan! The money you spend on reviving could be used on upgrades as opposed to foolish mistakes, which the game will most certainly punish you for, time and time again.

3) What do I upgrade first; Health, Shield or Salts? – If there is one mistake we originally made, it was to boost the shield with as much as possible as soon as possible, I mean, the bigger the shield the longer you will survive right? Allowing it to recharge and get you back in the action quicker? Wrong. After finding out the hard way, the focus on your hard found upgrades should be on health and salts equally. Your shield recharges, your health sadly doesn’t! And the more salts you have… well that’s just simple as, the more kick ass powers you can use to manipulate your environment.

4) What are the best Vigors to use?
– Vigors are a difficult one to recommend, as each person will have their own play style and how they want to use them. However, you will find some being more helpful than others depending on the situation, so best learn the basics and use them where they can be optimised the most. Our favourites include:

 The Crows– The crows are very handy on groups of enemies when you can upgrade it with corpses spawning more crows (extremely handy in those ‘crow’ded environments to help control groups).

Possession– Possession is an ultimate manipulation tool, for allowing an enemy to be a meat shield but also as a means of dealing out some handy damage while you’re reloading. This should be upgraded to cost less salts the second you can.

Shock Jockey – This allows for some stunage and environmental tactful thinking, as well as helpful vs. the Siren. Time it right when using it on enemies and when shocked and taken down, the poor chaps head will go kablam! Exploding heads are a way of making sure that bad guy isn’t going to be in a sequel anytime soon. For further killing prowess, combine it with the gear “Storm” for some extra damage to nearby mobs.

Bucking Bronco – An excellent tool for the bad guys who feel like hiding round corners or running at and away from your manic rampages, pull em up, shoot em down! Use this to lift groups of enemies and take them out one by one, preferably with the shotgun for maximum effect.

Undertow – Though we used this to minimal effect on our first play through, Undertow is an extremely useful tool to have at many stages of the game. Lets not forget that Columbia is a floating city and using Undertow you can blast many enemies right off the edges. This particularity comes in handy when fighting enemies flying in on airships. Simply blast them off the side! This can also be used to drag Motorised Patriots up onto the high balcony during the final battle taking them out of the fight.

In case you haven’t already, check out the Vigor combinations online for some added destruction.


5) Lady Comstock (Spoilers)

Here are a few tips on how to handle the Siren.

a.     Get rid of the Soldiers – The trick here is to take care of all of the undead minions that will distract you as well as providing a serious obstacle to killing Lady Comstock. Using either Shock Jokey or Devils Kiss you can kill these soldiers while they are shocked/on fire to disintegrate the bodies. Doing this will prevent the siren from bringing them back and allowing you to deal with her directly. The best way to do this is to find high ground and allow then to come to you.

 b.     Locations– Each time that you have to fight the siren there are locations that you can take advantage off. To start off the tomb around the back of Lady Comstock’s grave within the graveyard is a great place to hold out. Not only does it contain medical packs but the Siren will not come behind the tomb to attack.

The bank is even easier. The siren wont come into the vault, make sure that you deal with any enemies that do venture into your area and then deal huge damage from afar either with the sniper or hand cannon.

For final battle outside the gates to Comstock house, patience is the key. Take position on the high area directly opposite to where the siren spawns and slowly pick off enemies from a distance. If you need to come out to get supplies, make sure that you get back quickly. As long as you take your time, you should be able to win with little struggle.

6) Skylines for the Handyman – If you’re finding it hard to focus on shooting his heart, or finding him difficult in general, a good way of keeping your distance and being efficient is to get on those Skylines, and keep on the move nearby him. When you hear him shouting out that he is going to electrocute the lines, make sure you can get as close to him as soon as possible and jump off. While he is shocking the lines, you are free to plough into him with all you’ve got. Than it is a simple matter of repeating the process. Timing creates perfection with this.

 If you have some tips and tricks that you have found helpful, let us know in the comments below or tweet them to us @IM_PLAYIN.