Big Win Hockey

The sun may have come out at the weekend but we are getting back to the cold with this weeks Train Game, Big Win. Big Win is essentially a basic football manager style game for the great sport of Ice Hockey.

Big Win provides a great deal of strategy as well as careful player management to make sure your team has the right tools and players to get the job done, and get the Win! With the games challenges requiring an internet connection in order to play this will limit your experience if your connection is not so great, however, get on a fast 3G or WiFi and you will be able to challenge friends and foes alike with speedy matchmaking and constantly updating cups.


So onto the bread and butter of the game. You will need to build up your team of players by purchasing packs of cards. These packs, ranging from bronze to gold will contain players, skills and uniforms that can be applied to your team, to not only pick the best players but also improve the ones you currently have. The different level packs will contain different level cards so managing your money is also key. For those among us with a flare for the premium then special pack are available if you manage to save up enough, or alternatively purchase money packs.

You may not want to get too attached to your players though because as you play games your players will run down their contracts and eventually will become too old to play. This is when careful team selection and potential hording of skills could save your team from becoming a bunch of no hopers.


To compete, you can enter your team in various trophies ranging from Amateur to Pro, depending what skill level you feel you are. The prize will depend on the outcome of the game with the winner getting more money to spend on cards. Alternatively you can challenge your friends to grudge matches through the matchmaking system.

This isn’t a game that you will find yourself playing intensely for hours, sweating about getting to the next level or beating your high score. However, this is a game that will have you playing casually for hours hunting for the best cards and formations. It has boiled the best of a manager game down into its best and most icy form.

If you have any views on Big Win or if you have any questions and you would like to get in touch then hit up the comments section below or tweet us @IM_PLAYIN