Beyond Gravity – It’s falling, with style

Created by London based developer Qwiboo, Beyond Gravity is the perfect game to pick up and play when you have a bit of downtime, but it also has this strange ability to keep you playing for hours even though you wanted to be doing something else. You’ll keep telling yourself that you will have ‘one last play through’ and maybe you will eventually be able to put it down. 

As always, there is a basic story, but it goes about as deep as a teaspoon. You are an astronaut, I am not sure whether he has a name but I came to affectionately know him as Marty. Marty loses control of his space craft and crashes into a rather small and brittle planet, making brave Marty venture out into the cosmos to find a way to repair his ship and get back to his smoking hot wife and 5 sons, one of which is about to become a professional DOTA player. Ok… so maybe I went a little too far with the story and the end there. Maybe that’s not be in the game, but any flavour you can add makes it a but more fun right? The truth is that while there is a story, it doesn’t need one beyond the fact that you have crashed on a planet. That sets up the game to come and provides a reason behind the madness.


Like many mobile games, Beyond Gravity focused on set runs through the level aiming for longest distance reached with the main aim of collecting gears for your crashed ship, marooned in outer space. To do this, you will have to jump between planets of various sizes. The planets themselves are pretty lifeless, most of them are just coloured circles that fit into the art style of the game. However, every now and then a plant will have a few little guys chilling out, doing alien stuff or will have a flag of a recent occupier. Its almost enough to give the planets some unique personalities, but I would have liked just that little more variety to spice things up and keep each run from looking more or less the same. The secondary purpose for the gears is to show you the optimal path onto the next planet. It’s incredibly satisfying to hear the chink of the gears as you nail the jump and collect a ton of them on the way to the next planet, even thinking about it is extremely satisfying. If you mess the whole thing up and miss a planet, all is not lost. At the start of the game you will have the ability to jump again in the while you are in the air, which will be used to give yourself a little boost to get back onto the next planet or a Hail Mary hoping that you cling onto something.

But what is any game without unlockables? You can spend your hard urned gears on a plethora of goodies such as a triple jump, a gear magnet, multipliers and some funny new outfits for Marty. Some of these take some time to get but the number of gears it takes dose variety so there is always something to save up for and buy. Do you save up loads for the multiplier to get money quicker or do you just get the cheap stuff?

Beyond Gravity is just a great game to download and have on your mobile devices. It’s great to be able to dive in and out of when you have a bit of time to kill. Also boasting lovely visuals, it’s not hard on the eye either and they really make the game look great even on non-retina screens.