Bad Piggies

Platform: IOS/Android/Kindle
Developer: Rovio
Publisher: Rovio
Genre: Puzzle
Price: Varied

From a studio that are already a household name, Bad Piggies has shot up in popularity to contend with its older brother (Angry Birds). Set as almost a prequel to Angry Bird it is as vague as every with the story being told in very short, but no less clear comic strips. This time instead of stopping the pesky pigs stealing eggs, you must help the pigs collect pieces of their map to find the eggs in the first place. 

This brings forth a moral dilemma. Do we help these creatures that we once massacred so brutally? Oh who cares, they are green pigs! 

For those select few who played Banjo and Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts this game may seem very familiar. Across rolling hills, airborne cliffs or dark caves you will have to craft vehicles to help the pigs reach their destination.   The materials you get will change from map to map varying from wooden wheels and electric fans to helicopter blades and springs. 


In an eggshell (see what I did) creating all of the vehicles was a lot of fun, thinking up weird ideas that somehow worked is a very rewarding experience. However, this game can be even more frustrating than Angry Birds, requiring a lot of patience to get through it. Bad Piggies is currently free to download so pick it up, give it a try, just don’t through your phone off the train!

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