Awesomenauts – An Awesome Game

On a boring afternoon I found myself like I normally do, looking through the PSN store to see if there were any games I could buy myself to not be board for that afternoon, and all of a sudden I saw Awesomenuats. Now this game had only just come to the PS4 a few days earlier and it was the first time I had seen, or even heard of it for that matter. After watching a few videos online (researching) I decided it looked like the sort of game I could sink my teeth into. Little did I know that I would fall in love. The whacky characters, interesting visuals mixed with a genuine sense of humour were all factors in its courtship and instantly became one of the biggest reasons I turn on my PS4.

Like I just mentioned, I am a big fan of the look and feel of this game. Its cartoony imagery as well as some great level and character designs means that it is not only very easy on the eye, but also makes good use of the PS4 to show how nice a game can look without shouting GRAPHICS at you. In the endless torrent of graphics talk, it is always nice to sit down and play games that don’t rely on peoples skin looking 100% real or that light is reflecting off of the puddles just perfectly. Awesomenauts is beautiful in a simple way that invites you to explore the maps and find new ways to traverse the landscape. Now, that makes it sound like some sort of open world game, so let me clear the air. Awesomenauts is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Area). That means that is is very similar in principle to the likes of DOTA and League of Legends. Both teams have 3 players, these will most likely be humans but if there are none about then bots will take their place.


The aim of the game is to destroy the other team’s turrets in order to progress to their base and blow it up. The maps are symmetrical, meaning it is almost like a tug of war but in the opposite direction. The long fight for supremacy can be a quick one if you happen to have an insane team but can also last hours if both squads are evenly matched. Just don’t plan anything important if you intend to start a game.

Like any MOBA, the big emphasis is on the characters, with a choice of 15 characters the first task is to try and find the one that most suits your play style. For me that happened to be a Naut called Gnaw. With Acid spit and the ability to summon little sprouts, I found that I was able to dictate where the battles took place as well as doing a nice chunk of damage over time to the enemy running away. The rest of the characters, however, have varying abilities from a kitten gun to self destruct meaning you won’t get board if you decide to give them all a go.


So of course the backbone of any MOBA is its multiplayer. Awesomenauts, at its core, is a multiplier game with 3 vs 3 on each side. You can enter a practice mode against bots, which if you were so inclined could be the only way you play the game. However, as the title ‘practice mode’ suggests, it is to get you ready fore the big bad world of online play. Communicating with your team is the key to winning and don’t worry if you are not a fan of donning a headset and actually talking, you can use a series of commands to get your view across by using the D pad. This means that there is no excuse for not communicating what you are doing with your team and trying to play ‘lone ranger’ will, most of the time, end with your ultimate demise.

Everything comes together to make a truly fun game. The art style and characters mean that you can keep playing, experimenting with new moves and tactics without it getting old and it’s fun to play with different people or against different opponents. The games can be very long, so it’s not a game to pick up and play if you have a quick 5 minutes, but, if you want to sit down for a sesh then this game definitely has something to offer.