Are the best quests found on Elder Scrolls Online?

I don’t get to play video-games very much at the moment, because I’m super busy at work and such. But when I do get to play those little gems, there’s nothing that I like more than sinking my teeth into a juicy quest on Elder Scrolls Online. I could play this game for hours, it’s just a shame that I can’t give it the attention that it so deserves at the moment.

Still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun on Elder Scrolls Online if you only have a little bit of time to play it. There are hundreds of side-quests that can fill in those spare hours here and there, and that’s what I love doing when I have the time. These quests are often brilliant for a number of reasons, but for me, the key reasons boil down to the stories, the characters and the action!

Whilst the bare bones of these quests might be a little samey, like “go kill that guy” or “go collect that object”, the stories that cover those bones are incredibly detailed and this really helps to keep the game feeling fresh. You’ll end up doing anything in the action packed world of The Elder Scrolls Online, from closing portals spewing out Deadric monsters, to helping a cult of vampires take down an evil blood-mage. Variety really is the spice of The Elder Scrolls Online – when it comes to the quests, at least.

One of my personal favourite quests, so far that is, comes in the simple form of finding an ancient relic for an eccentric explorer noblewoman. Once I’d found the relic, which happened to be a King’s crown, the spirit guarding the catacomb informed me that I had two options. Option one was to take the relic to the noblewoman, trapping the spirit down into the catacombs for all eternity. Option two was to take a cursed relic to the noblewoman and getting her to touch it, trapping her spirit in the catacombs and switching it with the spirit currently guarding the relic. Because the noblewoman was being a super-bitch to her man-servant, I decided to give her the cursed relic. In the end, though, she forced her man-servant to take the relic from me, switching his soul for the guardian’s, instead. I felt bad for a little bit… mostly for the man-servant. A few weeks later, I stumbled across the explorer again. This time she wanted a different relic from another cave. Once I’d reached the relic, I was informed that whoever touched it turned to a goblin. Not learning from my last lesson, I decided to give it to the noblewoman. But, instead of touching it herself, she gave it to her man-servant, who subsequently turned into a goblin. I never learn, apparently.

That’s just one example of the hundreds of quests available in the game, each with their own unique story, and quirks. At the moment, there’s a plethora of side-quests available in the game. There’s also the main-quest, and a number of quests given to you by the Fighters’ and Mages’ Guilds. There is also a suggestion that ZeniMax will be adding in a quest-line for the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves’ Guild, which I find incredibly exciting! So, when it comes to questing on The Elder Scrolls Online, you’ll never be stuck for something to do.

I tend to flit in and out of this game, whenever I have the time to play it. I always enjoy the experience, though, and much of this is down to the fact that the quests are so damn good. Yeah, maybe they’re not quite as good as those of Oblivion and Skyrim, but I think you’ll struggle to find a contemporary match in an MMO, at the moment.