Am I stark raving mad-den…? Hmm, that’s a poor joke. It’s time for some footbawl!

I’ll start this post with an apology. I’m so sorry. I apologise wholeheartedly for the ridiculously poor attempt at a title. It’s so, so poor. It’s probably my worst title so far, but I’ll try and pick it up for my other posts.

Madden 25 is something I’ve mentioned a few times. I’ve wanted another sports game since the One came out and I’ve finally got around to buying this. I’m getting more and more into American Football/ Football, and the game makes it easier and easier to get into the game. The more I play, the more I’m enjoying and understanding the sport. I support the Patriots for one reason and one reason alone really – I’m from England and that’s New England. Poor choice? Meh, I don’t care!

I’ll be honest, my defensive play sucks at the moment and I find myself at times being frustrated that I suck at Defense so much, but I’m always willing to play on to improve. That, to me, is a quality of a game worth buying. If a game brings you back to it, despite not being overly good at it, then it’s worth playing.

I like the idea of suggesting each play to me, as you need it when you start out – but some choices it gives me, seem dumb at times. I’d really prefer it if, when on the suggestion part, it stated throw/run play, then you get offered the suggestion that it wants to offer – not offer something and go IMG_5502in totally blind whether you’re going to need to pass it quickly or run. The way to get around this I suppose, is change the style to “Conventional”, where it states “Pass, run, pass” in different colours by it, but then it doesn’t really incorporate the madden suggestion. After playing it some more, I’ve found a way to get round this and to see pass, run etc, but still, as a man who’s not overly knowledgeable about the different plays, it leaves a bit too much up to me. The defence in my opinion is so much harder. Obviously man-zonal marking is to cover the pass, but I have absolutely no idea of the breakdown in terms of what is more likely to happen in terms of passing or running. What seems to happen, too often in my opinion, is that whichever defense option I choose, the computer picks the other. It reaches a point where I get so frustrated that I want to shout loudly at something, someone, or hit something, someone – preferably a young child. The game looks brilliant to me, and the starting graphic for the introduction of the teams playing each other looks great – the unique videos to each team are interesting, and I love the way the team symbols fly in and sparks/welds together, looks fantastic.

Whilst playing last night, I became over-pissed off. I don’t know if I changed the wrong sliders, but in 3 minute quarters, I had 3 fumbles on my side inside the 3rd quarter alone. I can’t tell you how surprised I was, and how annoying it was. Nobody likes defending on a game, and to lose my attack 3 times to fumbles was just beyond a joke – surely I must be doing something wrong?!

The passing mechanics look good, real and when you want a game to flow to chase some points towards the end of a half, the game accelerates and really adds to the atmosphere of it – however; this does mean that, when the opposition have the ball and want to lose time, they wait. I’m not a very patient person, and that puts me off watching more NFL games. I pay attention, but not watch fully with all my attention -> IMG_5503But gaming, I’m intense. I like things to happen fast, and keep up a pace, something you can’t do when the computer has the 35 second clock ticking down … something not realistic. Well, it is realistic, but it should be scaled down in consideration of scaling down the time of quarters. Waiting for that clock to tick down means you might get 5 plays a quarter…and that’s ridiculous. The counter to this is obvious – Turn up my game time clock, add a few minutes to each quarter, but that then removes the “Just a quick game, Mum” or “quick game of madden before clubs lads” (See previous post by moi), and that’s also my one dislike of the NHL franchise in all honesty – I don’t have the time to finish my rookie season in the NHL when I have to play 68 draft year games and 82 rookie year games at pretty much 20 minutes a game. Who does have time for that, when you juggle over games, your actual life, and of course, work?! Anyway, enough digressing, back on topic, I don’t want NFL to become that – obviously it can’t go to that scale (18 game seasons), but still, I don’t want a game where I can only fit one game a night before I have to go do something else.

I’ve began a new career already – This time I’ve dropped the ownership and become just a player – out of Yale, of course, a HB. I’m enjoying the game more in this mode as I’m the second string HB and although I could’ve made it play me no matter what, I’m enjoying trying to earn my chance whilst being the first choice Punt Returner. I’ve also been using the smartglass app as an accompanying feature, which is really cool if I understood half of the tactics going on.