All Aboard The Hype Train: Bloodborne

Anyone who knows my taste in video games also knows that I’m a huge fan of the Souls series. Knowing that, it’s a given that I’m hyped for From Software’s upcoming spiritual successor to the series: Bloodborne. Like Dark Souls II before it, Bloodborne is not only going to be a great game for the veterans. It will also cater to anyone who didn’t like the Souls series that much, making it a great starting point. Here a few reasons that you should give Bloodborne a chance, regardless of your past experiences with the Souls series.

Has Anyone Seen My Shield?

Something I always forget about Dark Souls is that its combat is actually slow-paced. I never realized it until someone pointed it out to me when they were explaining why the series sucks (I found solace in watching this same person die many times in the game before they reached this conclusion). Even though I actually love the slow, methodical tactics required in Dark Souls, I’m very excited for Bloodborne’s more offensive approach. The first thing you’ll notice about combat this time around is that you no longer have a shield. From (Software) takes your shield, throws it out the window, and hands you a gun before they shove you into a mob of angry enemies. This makes gameplay much more intense as you can no longer block, but instead have to stun your enemies with a blast from your gun and pray it gives you a chance to run and plan a new tactic or take the opportunity to get a few solid hits in. If you played Dark Souls like me, then you relied heavily on your shield to take some punishment. It was a failsafe when we couldn’t outmanoeuvre our foe. It was even said by the developer that if you try to play Bloodborne like you would Dark Souls, then you’ll quickly get overwhelmed by enemies. Should you choose to embrace this concept fully, you can always switch out that gun for another weapon and go crazy.

In the end I feel like this will be a great change to the formula. I already love how Bloodborne is preying on us by taking away our sense of security. Something I’m sure the game will do in many different ways when it comes out later this year. Now, for those of you (like me) who will still be shy when Bloodborne comes out and try to play it safe; From sees us coming. There’s a new mechanic they’re introducing that allows you to regain some of the health you lost if you get hit. The catch is that you have to hit the aggressor back, and you have about a second or so to do it. So yes, you can run away if you wish. Just know that you may be sacrificing some much-needed health in the process. Check out the video below for some Bloodborne gameplay.

Double Trouble

I geek out every time I see this. While I did enjoy the weapon designs of the Souls series quite a bit, nothing compares to the weapons in Bloodborne. Each weapon, regardless of type, has two different forms. So far we’ve seen a small cleaver that flips out for added reach, a hand-axe that extends for a slower but more versatile pole-axe, a silver sword that when sheathed becomes a giant stone hammer, and last but not least, a cane that turns into a whip. Awesome. The switch between forms is seamless, transforming your weapons on the fly allowing you to adapt to whatever situation you’ve gotten yourself into. Another welcome addition is the ability to distract enemies by chucking stones at them. This will be incredibly helpful in pulling individual enemies away from their groups for some alone time. I love this because now we can do this without switching out weapons for a bow which is how this strategy was employed in the past.

A Friend In Need is A Friend Indeed

From Software has always had a unique take on co-op. Bloodborne is looking to have cooperative play as well, but it’s going to be a lot more useful within the context of the new, fast-paced gameplay. With giant, fast-moving monsters that can kill you in a couple hits, it’s nice to have a couple of friends to die alongside you. It appears that connecting with other players will work pretty similarly to how it did in previous games. You’ll use a certain item to bring people into your game to assist you, but we haven’t seen how invading another player’s world to kill them works, though I don’t see much need for change in that department. The biggest addition to Bloodborne’s cooperative play seems to be a new mode where you and some friends play through a randomly generated dungeon filled with traps and enemies. Think of how much fun it would be to make your way through a dungeon with friends in constant fear of what’s waiting to kill you.

That’s pretty much all I have to say about Bloodborne at this point. It’s definitely going to be interesting to get more details on the game as it the release date approaches. Bloodborne releases March 24th 2015.

  • Guest

    No, I’ll be replaying DS2: Scholar of the first Sin, which is a better game than the Bloodborne that was demonstrated and I played earlier. Bloodborne is a N00B friendly “Souls” game with faster dodge movements and faster ranged weaponry. That’s also why it doesn’t bear the Souls name when it does share some gameplay mechanics.

    • I’m very excited for the Scholar of the First Sin! However, I don’t think you should give up on Bloodborne just yet. This is From Software after all. I expect this one to be just as difficult!

  • Blockhead

    I dont get the part about the shield. Thats the excuse everyone uses for why they dont like souls but then say Bloodborne will be good because there is no shields. You are the one who decided to use a shield. You were the only one stopping yourself playing offensive and with aggression. If you really think this is going to be much different than Souls then you are in for a shock.

    • I agree; no one is forcing you to use a shield. However, many people used them because they’re incredibly handy! I suppose that when it comes to the shield, it will really depend on how you played Dark Souls. I for one will take a while to adjust. That’s going to be part of the fun!

      • Blockhead

        I still expect myself to take time to adjust too.What gets me is people basically saying FROM stuck a shield in their hand and that how they had to play it and that somehow because there is no shield in Bloodborne that it is going to make it a better game.

        • The lack of shield is certainly going to make things more interesting! We’ll have to wait and see if it makes for better gameplay when the game comes out in March.