Six Days with PlayStation 4

Can it be that 6 days have passed with this beautiful machine?Well it has and it’s been an interesting experience. Even in such short a time, I have seen the UI improved and the games disappoint. If the past 6 days are a sign, then be prepared for a fast paced, constantly changing system. I am scared to think how it will look in 6 months, let alone 6 years!

So lets get the negatives out of the way first shall we. The UI does still need improving and while turning on the What’s New feature (in Europe) has vastly improved the experience, it would still be great to do simple things, like the ability to change the background colour. That cant be too hard, right Sony?

This kind of leads me onto the sharing. While I love the ability to share and live stream at anytime, I don’t feel like doing it so much as the only place I can upload videos to is Facebook. Search the Internet and you will find hundreds of posts explaining how to get around this but they all just suggest creating a new account that is set to private. This is just not the solution I want and the sooner Sony can incorporate email and YouTube sharing the better.

I know I mentioned that the games disappointed me, but I am only really talking about one game, the end of one game, an ending which left a bad taste in my mouth and a “what the hell” expression on my face.  I don’t want to ruin anything for anyone so I will not go into further detail right now but the chances are that if you have played this game you know what I’m talking about.  (Hint – its an PS4 exclusive that has shadows falling) I find it irritating that game developers can be happy with concluding their own creations like this and I pray that this is more of a one off Borderlands 1 situation.

Now onto the juicy good stuff. Having delved deeper into the features, certain options have emerged to make using the PS4 so very easy. Even without the PlayStation camera you can still operate voice commands using the mic. This gives you an easy way to navigate the home screen, start games or take screen shots without pressing a button. That’s right PlayStation fans, its not just the Xbox boys who will be yelling at their console! But speaking of Xbox, the PlayStation version of multitasking is also incredibly useful. Double tapping the PS button will open the previous application you used. This provides a easy way to check on a party, trophies or even Netflix while still being able to leap back into your game.

dont worry

At the start of this features I also mentioned the What’s New tab. Having been disabled upon launch, this feature is back online and boy does it dramatically improve things. ‘What’s New’ will give you a news feed of everything your friends are doing, whether it is starting a new game or uploading a video. It allows you to like there updates and even launch games that they are playing. This all helps to contribute towards making the UI so much more interactive and engaging. Something I feel was missed  at the beginning.

So what of the games that do not disappoint? These games are amazing to play, whether you are shooting down spaceships in Resogun or yes, even smacking goblins around in Knack. Resogun is free to play if you have a PS + subscription and it is a crime if you have not downloading it yet. A simple addictive twin stick shooter that will suck you in with its stunning visuals and competitive gameplay. The platformer, hack and slash Knack has impressed me despite the negative feedback given to it by others. What can I say, I am a sucker for these types of games. Killzone combines tight gameplay with outstanding environments to show us what next gen gameplay truly is, even though I was not too impressed with the conclusion of the single player I am still playing the multi player in full force.

There are still some games that I am yet to play and some features that I am yet to find/try out, but overall my first six days with this machine have been very pleasant indeed.  While I have pointed out some negatives, these could be fixed very easily and I am sure some of these are already in the pipeline. For the positives, these will continue to impress me and make my gaming experience more fluid and enjoyable. So well done Sony, there is a long road ahead but you have got off the line well.