Top 6 Games from #EGXRezzed 2017

We had a super awesome time at this year’s #EGXRezzed at Tobacco Dock London. There were so many indie games that, were I to play one more indie game, I may explode. In the spirit of sharing, here are our top 6 games from the show that we’re itching to play more of.

Alec: Day of Infamy and At Sundown

So, in no particular order, my top picks are Day of Infamy and At Sundown. Both shooters. But both very different in style, gameplay and delivery. Let’s start with Day of Infamy.

Day Of Infamy

Day of Infamy is your classic FPS. The difference is that it has everything I have ever wanted from the genre. You’ve got your usual game modes, but the execution is unique. In essence, it’s more realistic than most first person shooters – at least those set in the Second World War.

Screenshot from Day of Infamy game

Enemies take little damage, as do you. So when you get shot, you will usually die. At the show, we got to play a game mode where you defend the objective. Eight players banded together to stop the advancing German army.

It was exciting, intense, and visceral. There was a real sense of camaraderie when playing the game – something that I feel is missing from many first person shooters these days.

At Sundown

At Sundown is a completely different experience. It’s not a first person shooter, rather a top-down multiplayer game. The developers had this to say and I couldn’t have put it better myself.

“At Sundown is a top-down multiplayer stealth game. The entire map is covered in darkness, and every player shares the same view of the screen.”.

Gameplay screenshot from the At Sundown game

The basic idea of the game is to move around the darkness of the map, without being spotted by the other players, and stealthily take the opposing players out. Once you’ve got one, you then retire back to the darkness searching for your next victim.

The fun comes from the fact that everyone’s doing the same thing. You’re hiding in the darkness, and so are your enemies. You could be shot at any moment by an invisible assassin, but, at the same time, if they miss they’ll show up on the map – meaning that you can take them down yourself.

Alex: DRG Initiative and Super Arcade Football

DRG Initiative

By far the best moment of #EGXRezzed for me came from playing the DRG Initiative; battling it out 3 vs 3, Double XP vs the developers, in a winner takes all eSports-style showdown.

The crowd were cheering, victory was near and… of course, we lost. But, in fairness to us, they did develop the game, so I would be very surprised if 2 console peasants plus Den could have taken on the might of the Slingshot Cartel without any previous game time under our belts. With only 5 months of development behind it, the DRG Initiative was running surprisingly well on PC and had a nice look about it as well.

Concept artwork from the DRG Initiative Game

Built from the ground up to accommodate eSports, the DRG Initiative is a PC game that features a director-style player that controls the cameras while broadcasting on Twitch, who can even alter the game by triggering public votes to supply teams with different advantages, such as ammo or health crates. This all made the DRG Initiative a very interesting game to check out and gave us our first chance to become the eSports phenomenon’s we hope to be!

Double XP playing against the Slingshot Cartel in a game of DRG Initiative

Super Arcade Football

From the name alone you can probably guess what this game would be like, and it doesn’t disappoint. With a surprising number of teams to choose from, this high-intensity football extravaganza is an extremely high-paced treat to play.

Picking up the controller for the first time can be tricky, with little understanding of the gameplay we had players flying all over the place. With so many fouls coming from every angle, I’d never seen so many yellow cards in such a short space of time. But, as the match continued, we managed to work out subtle ways to best your opponent and the game became a much tougher competition.

While Super Arcade Football will never take Fifa’s crown as king of the football games, it’s fast-paced manic approach makes it a lot more fun to play with friends. When you combine the (already hectic) gameplay with modifiers that turn off fouls and even summon meteor strikes, Super Arcade Football has great potential and I for one am very excited to play more in the future.

Den: Impact Winter and Oh My Godheads

I’m really glad to see that the guys have mentioned such great titles from #EGXRezzed so far in this article. I’m not saying I would have chosen them hands down, but the fact that Day of Infamy and DRG Initiative are already getting a mention puts a smile on my face. I mean I definitely had fun demoing At Sundown, but it just didn’t do it for me. And, well, I hate football.


Impact Winter is a survival game. You follow the emotional struggle of a small group of characters who try to survive an asteroid-induced endless winter. You play as Jacob Solomon, a man whose life was taken from him and lost to the snow-covered wasteland and, together with your robotic aid Acolyte, you must brave the harsh conditions of winter as you try to find the resources and equipment you and your team need, following a mysterious radio message that “help is coming in 30 days”.

The announcement trailer doesn’t quite do it justice in my opinion. However, I appreciate that maybe the objective was to introduce the story and not necessarily to show off gameplay. If you like what you see, you can pick up Impact Winter on Steam – pegged to release 23rd May 2017. This is after a minor push-back for some last minute dev work “in aid of giving everyone the best experience possible”. I’m sure we can all appreciate that.

If you’re on PS4 or Xbox then sorry, you’ll have to wait a little longer!

Oh My Godheads

Oh My Godheads is a fast-paced, capture-the-head multiplayer game for 1-4 players. I literally can’t say enough good things about it. What’s more, OMGH is a game that is perfect for when you want to play something fast, exhilarating, and above all – fun.

I first played Oh My Godheads when a space became available at the booth, right as I walked by. Then, a friendly guy from the dev team that we spoke to invited us to play. Within seconds I had the same chilling feeling I got when I played Overcooked for the first time. I fell in love – and found myself going back to the booth at least half a dozen times over the span of #EGXRezzed.

Think capture-the-flag, but swap the flag out for a magical relic or bust of an ancient god which possesses special powers. You play with (or against) your friends to capture the head which, frankly, doesn’t like being man-handled; hold on for too long and you might just get what’s coming to you. Bring the head back to your team’s plinth, and you’ll bag your team a point – if you don’t get killed first.

I can’t wait to get my hands on Oh My Godheads. I get the same fuzzy feeling in my stomache at #EGXRezzed that I get when somebody mentions Overcooked – I love it. Oh My Godheads is full of quirky characters and unique and challenging maps wrapped up a simple capture-the-flag objective. What more could you want from a game?

I want to extend my thanks to the team over at Titutitech, and to all other indie developers. You guys are not only keeping the couch multiplayer genre heart beating, but well and truly alive. It’s games like this that I hope to see a great deal more of in the near future.

You can find Oh My Godheads on Steam Early Access – go and get it!