5 Ways To Survive Offline – Gamer Edition

It’s a modern gamer’s worst nightmare, being cut off from the Internet!!! But don’t panic my fellow players. While I do admit that it’s a hellish situation, there are things that we, as a community, can do to make any offline hell a little more bearable.

1) Get Those Mobile Games Installed & Keep Them

We can all agree that a good mobile game is the perfect time waster when waiting for the train, getting a taxi or just bored at work (of course, we don’t endorse slacking off!). It’s tempting to delete a simple fun game once it has served its time, but don’t act so fast! When the terror of no Internet strikes, you will turn to your trusty mobile first and keeping that little time waster may just be your salvation. If you have the space, don’t be so keen to get rid of the games that you love. But be warned, they may secretly want to take over your life.

2) Invest In Useful Tech

Even if you made sure to follow rule 1, you could still be thwarted by modern tech’s Achilles heel; bad battery life. If you are living this nightmare in the comfort of your own home, then you will have a charger ready for this eventuality, but what about when you leave that snuggly den? Make sure to pick up a cheap charging pack to put in your bag in case the unavoidable does strike.

3) Don’t Hate Discs

I know everyone is very excited to abolish the disc, as more and more games are made available for digital download, in fact they all are now, just thinking about it… but hold on! Like any digital doodad, it is susceptible to deletion or do that thing where it just stops working when not connected to the Internet. If that does happen to you, make sure you have taken the time to make room for some harmless trustworthy discs. They wont go away and you can play offline and with safety. Unless you scratch the disc… but don’t do that.

4) If You Love It, Make Room For It

Like anything that’s important to you, you shouldn’t expose it to the horrors of the Internet, and save files are no different. Cloud saves could disappear in a heartbeat, so make sure that any saves you really care about are backed up on your hard drive or even better, in a floppy disk located in a safe under the bed…

5) Learn To Love The Dinosaur

Worst comes to worse, and none of the above options have been completed, then you only have one option. Get yourself on Google Chrome and play the dinosaur game. Not familiar with it? Check out our previous article. It’s not the most sophisticated playing experience of all time but damn it, it’s better than nothing. Of course this does also depend on you having your laptop, a charger and pre installed Google Chrome… Will this nightmare never end!?

I hope that this list serves as a bible to those terrified, as I am, of a world with the Internet. Even a few hours can feel like an eternity in the deepest part of hell, without the comfort of those magical things called games.

Be careful and stay offline safe.

  • Michael Scoates

    I have a backup PS Vita for emergencies, a 10.1″ tablet as backup for my backup and a deck of cards for when things get really dark.

    • Not sure if I want to know how dark ‘really dark’ is.