5 Things To Do In GTA V, To Keep The Fun Alive

Recently I’ve been playing the GTA V story mode again. Whilst I love the story, I do find the occasional bit of repetition where I have to grind my way through missions that I didn’t overly enjoy the first time around. When I get to that point, I tend to take a break from the story and mess around with one or two of the below. So, if you’re like me and you fancy a break from GTA V, without actually leaving GTA V, try one of these out!

1) Hold off in a store… this is one of my favourite things to do when playing GTA V Online with my friends; it’s really simple and it’s super fun. All you need to do is pick one of the stores that you can hold up, which are dotted across the map, and instead of robbing the place and leaving, hide behind the cashier’s counter. The police will show up and start piling in through the door, and all you need to do is shoot them. Keep at it long enough and you’ll end up with full stars. If you’re playing on your own, the end-game is usually death. But, if you’re playing with friends, I usually suggest that it’s the duty of the first person who dies to try to get the other player(s) out of the shop and lose all of the stars. It’s much easier said than done, especially if you’ve got full heat on you. The biggest challenge is actually leaving the store without dying in a hail of gunshots. But it’s a hell of a lot of fun, and the challenge of successfully completing the stand-off is enough to keep you going for a bit. Make sure to dress your characters in matching outfits for that ‘heist’ feel (seeing as the heists STILL AREN’T OUT!) and stock up on fire-power.

2) Play a round of golf, or a tennis match… one of the most surprising things for me, when I first played GTA V, was how good the mini-games were. Darts is pretty fun, as is the triathlons and cycling in general, but the best mini-games are golf and tennis. The mechanics for both game modes are brilliant, and the different difficulty settings provide a real challenge. Not only that, but playing Online lets you challenge your friends as well. These mini-games are almost like an entirely other game, and they’re definitely a good way to keep the fun going.

3) Go hunting as Trevor… Trevor is many things; a drunk, a drug addict, a psychopath… but he’s also a skilled hunter. Well, he is once you’ve completed the side-missions. For me, there was something oddly calming about stalking CGI prey, and getting a clean headshot to take them down. You have to think about wind direction, and whether or not the animal can see, hear or smell you. Again, it adds a whole new dimension to GTA V – one that’s a hell of a lot of fun if you invest a little time into it.

4) Collect the parts and build the ‘Space Docker’… to build the ‘Space Docker’ you need to collect “alien parts”. There are 50 parts to collect, and the mission starts when you first speak to a guy called Omega. He’s a bit of a space nut, and a bit of a nut in general, but it’s well worth meeting with him (plus, what character in GTA V isn’t a little eccentric?). Whilst the ‘Space Docker’ isn’t actually a space ship, it’s a pretty cool vehicle. It doesn’t run overly fast, and it has nothing special about it to note, but it looks a lot like the Back to the Future DeLorean, and that’s pretty damn cool.

5) Mess around with the cheats… GTA V itself is pretty epic, but there’s a lot more to it if you start messing around with the cheats. With the cheats you can activate anything from being able to run faster, to having explosive bullets. I found an extensive list here – so knock yourself out!