5 Reasons to start playing Destiny come April 12th

Since the release of Destiny, it’s major shortfall has been it’s content. There simply isn’t enough to get gamers playing consecutively, time and time again. I’ve found this to be backed up by the countless time I’ve joined a random raid through LFG, to have at least one player in every couple of raids saying they’ve come back after not playing for months, so excuse them if they fail terribly on the jumping puzzle having forgotten the order. As we all know, unless you’re a dedicated Destiny PvP’er, than the only reason you’re coming back is to Raid. It certainly isn’t the daily’. Come The Taken King, Bungie made numerous improvements to the game’s level, loot and of course, story. Yet what it can’t seem to do, is release enough fresh content to keep the edge, and therefore players coming back. Also with the strong competition coming from the Division, Bungie has got some finger pulling to do.

So now we know there’s a new update coming on April 12th (funnily the same date as the Division getting it’s Incursions update), and it’s not just bringing a half arsed weekly event that falls flat on it’s face within the first t wo days. So with this so called update, what’s so good about it, that you should hit it up come mid April?

1) New Light Level
After many a player sitting at the 318- 320 (most commonly the earlier one as that damned last 320 gear hasn’t dropped in the hundreds of runs you’ve done), we can now see a bit of a fresh air and should see ourselves surpass the figure we’ve been sitting at for so long now. Okay, it’s likely we will now be 333 / 334 but hey, change is progress! This now means that “Kingsfall Normal drops increased to light level 320. Kingsfall Hard drops increased to light 330. Court of Oryx Artifact drops increased to 335”. Oooh, exciting.

2) New Weapons (and some old) & Armor Sets
First up is the new weapons, which is by far about time. It’s great when we find a gun that we love, and get used to in terms of meeting your play style, as well as being the right partner for some certain encounters. However, after playing for so long and not changing it for a month solid, I get a little bored of seeing it, not to mention seeing the same names over and over, it all gets a tad terdious. Although, on the reverse of this, not only is the update bringing new weapons back, it is scaling up some of the weapons made redundant in TKK, so you can theoretically dust off your Patience and Time again.

Similar to the above, we are seeing new gear at last! No more will we have every body all dressed in KF raid gear, but at least a mixture.

3) Updated Prison of Elders
After hitting up the KF’s and knowing it like the back of my hand, and having done enough jumping to easily wear out my X button several times over, having something new is going to at least keep me from having dreams about “Oryx’s Chest”. Likely to be replaced by some other mechanism? Who knows. Having come in to TKK after the last time playing Vanilla, I never really got to partake properly in the Prison, so this has been welcome to revisit with a reason of actually gaining something worth the time. With this new updated area meaning 8 updated bosses, as well as new modes and challenges through weekly resets that all start with Variks.

4) Chroma Customisation
As we know, Destiny, like other, MMOs are 50% about style, so looking your best is all part of the game. So bringing in additional ways of styling your character is always welcome. In this sense, select types of gear can be customisied even further past the shaders, to give your Guardian a more distinct look for the same gear everyone wears. I’ll take it, for the sucker for customisation that I am.

5) New Quest and Strike
Although Quests and Strikes are very much at the back of everyone’s mind come end game, due to Raiding being the greater rewarder for PvE participation, a new quest means Bungie can at least add a little more to the Destiny world that they have invested in. With the Quest and the featured Strike that comes with it known as “Blighted Chalice”, leading your on a merry goose chase after a Taken Price, intent on amassing power to threaten the world as we know.

The new Strike on the other hand, known as “Winters Run”, has you back in the Prison of Elders to take on the Fallen House of Winter, although having been Taken-ified, you’re going to have a challenge taking down the masses and the guessed to be Kell awaiting you at the end.

Although not a point worthy of it’s title, you’ll be glad to know that infusion will work in the way it should have been originally. And that is when infusing an item, it takes on the same light level as the item you’ve just used. So no more getting a max level light item, only for it to not have the specs you want, and therefore meaning upgrading your 310 two times over.

You could argue that this update is another poor attempt at bringing content that isn’t “new” in the way we like it, as at the end of the day, we’re still fighting the Taken, and funnily enough now Oryx is dead (OMG SPOILER), that a prince of the Taken is now on the run that you have to go hunt and take down. So it’s going to be the usual fighting the shifty teleporting annoying little buggers again.

At the end of the day… It’s something new. So maybe, just maybe, Bungie will have something being worked on that keeps us on the line in the following months.