5 PS4 and Xbox One games to look forward to this Summer

The Winter just passed has been kind of disappointing on the games front, there hasn’t really been a huge amount to rant and rave about. Dead Rising 3 was alright, Battlefield 4 was pretty good, FIFA’s FIFA so no change there, inFAMOUS: Second Son was a decent example of what the PS4 can do, but not much to write home about otherwise. All in all, not the most exciting launch for the next-generation of games consoles. It always seems to go that way, however. It’s not until a few months down the line that we really get the chance to sink our teeth into the juicy AAA titles. This Summer won’t exactly be bringing us AAA titles, though there are still a few games to get excited about!

Just a quick note – this article has been changed slightly since first publish. It turns out Evil Within is October, not September. Epic fail. Instead, I’ve kept Evil Within as a special mention and replaced it with

Sniper Elite III – PS4 and Xbox One


I fell in love with Sniper Elite Volume II on the Xbox 360 a few years ago. It was a simple game, but incredibly addictive. The x-ray type bullet time was possibly the best aspect of the game, and of any shooter I’ve ever played. That’s a pretty big accolade in my books. I play a lot of shooters. As you can probably tell from the title, Sniper Elite III is a sneak / sniper game. It’s based in the African campaign of WW2, which is a welcome change to the genre of World War shooters, considering they’re almost always predominantly set in Europe … and there’s also been like a thousand of them. The sniper mechanics in Volume II were incredible, allowing you to set variables like wind speed and the curvature of the Earth to make the shots even tougher. Hopefully these will make a comeback in the new title. Plus it has a co-op campaign, which I love in a game. Also, it’s supposed to fully HD on the Xbox One. Score!

Murdered: Soul Suspect – PS4 and Xbox One


I was very excited for Square Enix’s revamp of the Thief series. Though I must admit that it was pretty shite. Still, they’ve got a second chance to wow me this year with Murdered: Soul Suspect, thanks to the help of developers Airtight Games. From what I’ve seen, it looks pretty unique. You play as the spirit of a murder victim as you fight to uncover who killed you and why. Along the way you’ll be facing off against evil spirits with the help of a lady who witnessed your murder and can also see your spirit self. Spooky. It’s not quite L.A. Noir, but it still looks pretty interesting. I’ll definitely be giving it a go in early June.

EA Sports UFC – PS4 and Xbox One


I like a good fighting game. I did a decade of Jujitsu before I went to University and got lazy / my body started to self destruct, so I’ve always found the UFC games, and the franchise in general, quite appealing. I played the latest UFC Undisputed games made by THQ and Yuke’s, which were pretty decent. The EA MMA game was rather pants, so I’m hoping that they’ve taken a page out of Undisputed’s book and focused more on the general combat and less on how pretty the game looks. Still, the game does look awfully pretty, a true next-gen title. Plus, if you pre-order the game you’ll get Bruce Lee as a playable character. That’s definitely a good thing.

The Swapper – PS4


This looks like a really cool puzzle / platformer from indie developer Facepalm Games. Though Curve Studios are taking on the PlayStation versions. Basically, you play a character trapped inside a wrecked space ship, and you’re trying to get out. You have to solve puzzles as you make your way through the ship and uncover what’s going on. To help you manage this you’ve been given a cloning tool which allows you to make four copies of yourself. These copies can then be used to help tackle the puzzles by switching between the clones, provided they’re in your line of sight. It looks really cool, both graphically and content / story wise. So this is definitely one to look out for, PlayStation 4 owners!

Destiny – PS4 and Xbox One


Destiny is destined for an early September release … assuming it doesn’t get delayed. So it’s going to be right on the cusp of Autumn. Destiny is pretty much the first AAA title this year, not including Watch_Dogs, so a lot of people are hyped for it (myself included). It’s going to be an untraditional MMO, so it will have MMO elements, but probably not quite how you’d expect. It will also be a ‘living’ world, where events will occur that may be unplanned by the developers (not sure how that one works). Still, it looks like Halo meets Mass Effect, my sort of game! Also, if you pre-order the game you can get a key to the beta. Now I’m not the sort of person that would promote being a bit naughty, but … you could always just pre-order it for free from a reputable video-game distributor, play the beta and then, if you don’t like it, cancel your pre-order. No harm, no foul.

There are one or two games coming out just after Summer that look pretty interesting, so a special mention goes to …

The Evil Within – PS4 and Xbox One


It’s supposed to be one of the most scariest games of all time, in the history of ever. Though I’ve heard a few rumours that it isn’t that scary … or that good at all. Still, the creators behind it have made some of my favourite games in the history of ever, too. Plus, Shinji Mikami is directing it. So it’ll probably be at least half decent. You’ll play as a detective sent to the scene of a mass murder. Obviously, things aren’t exactly what they seem and the game quickly descends into death, carnage, madness and gore galore. It’s setting up to be a proper good scare, hopefully one to rival the original Dead Space or the classic that is Alone in the Dark.

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments – PS4 and Xbox One


Focus Home Interactive found that their most recently produced game, Bound by Flame, came over a little hit and miss. There was a lot of hype for it, but it seems to have received overly average reviews. The same can not be said for their upcoming title based on the currently popular character of Sherlock Holmes, with very little hype out there at the moment. There will be no cameo for the handsome Benedict Cucumberpatch (I know his name is Cumberbatch, I was being silly) in this game, however. This one does sound a lot like L.A. Noir, with the majority of the game based around collecting clues and evidence, just like the real fictional Sherlock Holmes. It looks visually impressive, and it sounds like a good idea too. If they can build on the detective mechanics laid down by Team Bondi and Rockstar with L.A. Noir, I’ll be one happy bunny.

So there you have it, just a few games to look forward to this Summer. We’ll be writing more on each of them as their respective release dates loom, so keep an eye on the site.

  • FIFA is a title I look forward to every single year. It never disappoints. .

  • FIFA is a title I look forward to every single year. It never disappoints. .