5 PC Games I Wish Were On Console

I’m a console gamer. Initially by choice, but lately by means. Basically, I can’t afford a decent gaming PC. Nor can I afford the time to play it. Whilst I’ve got my Xbox One, any expenditure on a gaming PC would be a waste of money.

But that’s not to say that there aren’t a plethora of PC games I wish I could play on my console. The sorts of games that you see others playing, or hear others talking about, and you wish you could experience. Here’s my top 5. But there are plenty more that could have made the list.

World of Warcraft

The ultimate PC game, for many a PC gamer. By some calculations WoW has been played for a combined 5.9 million years. Just let that sink in. That’s around the same amount of time it’s taken humanity to evolve.

Some may find that depressing. But I see it as 5.9 million years worth of fun that I’ve missed out on. I’ve played a couple of MMORPGs on console. From Neverwinter to Elder Scrolls Online. But none of them hit the spot. I feel like WoW would, though.

PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds

I REALLY want to play this game. Thankfully though, it’s looking like it will be coming to consoles – eventually. But eventually isn’t now, so it’s made the list.

I’ve been watching a few videos of the game, and listening to Con, Den and Steve talking about it. From what I’ve seen and heard, it sounds amazing. A game based on survival, tactics and being the last player standing? That’s my sort of game.

The Sims

The Sims was one of the first PC games I can remember being obsessed with. It was a game that I’d think about playing, even when I wasn’t playing it. At school. At family dinners. On the bus or over the park. My mind would wander to my little Sims, and imagine the next stages for developing my house – or progressing my Sims’ careers.

There have been one or two Sims games on console – the best probably being Sims 3. There were rumors that Sims 4 would be coming to the current-gen consoles. But we’ve had no such luck. Maybe we’ll have a better chance with Sims 5?

Total War (the majority of them)

I love a good RTS. As a kid, Age of Empires was my joint. I adored the game – building settlements, commanding armies and conquering the globe. I didn’t get the chance to play any of the Total War games, though.

Which is something I regret. By the time the series launched, (mid-2000), I’d already moved over to the PS2. The series seems to be moving from strength to strength, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it could make a console debut sometime soon!

H1Z1 / Day Z

Last, but by no means least, we’ve got a two-for. I’d love to play either of these zombie survival MMO games. On console, we were recently given 7 Days to Die – which don’t get me wrong, it’s a great game. But I feel like H1Z1 or Day Z are just one step better.

On console, 7 Days just hasn’t got that MMO feel. I want a game where I can band up with my friends, and create a settlement worth protecting from enemy players. That just doesn’t seem to happen on 7 Days, with its maximum of 8 players online.

How about you? What PC games would you love to play on console? Or what console games would you love to play on PC? Let me know in the comments below!

  • LegendarySaiyan

    Star Wars: The Old Republic is one game I would for sure play on the Console.

    There have been The Sims on Console before, I believe that they did not sell so well.. That might be the reason for no The Sims on consoles anymore.