5 Great Indie Games To Buy This Year

We were lucky enough to spend last weekend at EGX Rezzed playing a tonne of indie games. It. Was. Awesome. There were so many great indie games that I struggled to limit this article to just 5 games. But, I managed it.

Day of Infamy

If you’re a fan of first person shooters, Day of Infamy is for you. It reminded me of the original COD, but with far more realism. Enemies take very little damage, as do you. The indie game features tactical gameplay, a host of awesome maps and some brilliant game modes.

There are some good war indie games out there, Day of Infamy may well be the best

The game started life as a mod of the awesome Insurgency. Initially fan made, but then developed by the people behind the original game – New World Interactive. Day of Infamy was probably my number one game from Rezzed – so definitely look into it! You can find Day of Infamy on Steam.

At Sundown

I’m always on the lookout for decent multiplayer games. Particularly if they’re indie games. At Sundown is exactly that – an entertaining, fun and unique multiplayer experience. The basic concept of the game is simple. There are four players, and you have to kill each other.

Indie games are supposed to be fun - which is the definition of Sundown

The difference is, the maps are shrouded in near darkness. You’ll only be seen when you shoot, or move near a light source. So the game is mostly about stealth and picking your opportunity to shoot. Miss, and you’ll be spotted. It’ll be on Steam soon, and coming onto console later in the year!

Oh My Godheads

More amazing multiplayer fun can be found in Oh My Godheads. It’s crazy fun. In my eyes, it could be the next Overcooked – which is currently one of the top “indie” games. It’s a four player game, and it revolves around scoring points by carrying a giant god head into the opposition’s goal.

Imagine Overcooked, but with exploding god heads

There are a number of different maps, each more challenging than the last. Some of the environments will work against you, as will the god heads. The red team has to carry the head to the blue team’s goal, and visa versa. Some heads will shock you. Others will invert your controls. It’s awesome fun, and it’ll be on Steam later this month!


This game was heavily influenced by Smash Bros. The influence is clear, but it doesn’t make it any less of a great game. If you’re a fan of Smash Bros, you’ll like Brawlout.

It's pretty much the indie games equivalent to Smash Bros

There are some great playable characters, with a really appealing art style. It was one of the most popular games at the show this year, and for good reason. There’s a tonne of potential in the game, particularly if you’re looking for a fun multiplayer fighter.

Dick Wilde

There were a few VR games at Rezzed this year. But the best, by quite a way, was Dick Wilde. It had massive queues, but we were lucky enough to be shown the game by the devs. The queues were huge for a reason. As it turns out, Dick Wilde is an awesome game.

As far as Indie Games go, Dick Wilde is awesome

I played it on the Vive, and the motion controllers were incredible. They tracked every movement, and the accuracy was insane. All you have to do is shoot the fish, crocodiles or birds before they can attack you. Simple enough. For me, the best weapon was the bow. But the shotgun and shield were pretty great too. Dick Wilde is out on Steam and will be available on PS4 VR later this year.

Indie games are the way forward

If you’re looking for a quick, fun, rewarding experience – indie games may well be the way to go. In fact, I wrote an article about them the other day. Will these five make your wishlist, or are you reserving the space for something else? Let me know in the comments below!