5 Great Looking Games That Probably (Definitely) Won’t Be Released

The recent news that the upcoming Silent Hills game has been cancelled has upset many an SH fan… as well as a tonne of Norman Reedus fans. So, in the spirit of reminiscing about things that aren’t to be, the announcement has inspired me to look at five games that I was once excited to play, but will probably never hit our shelves. I say ‘probably’, because there is a little hope for at least one of these games…

Citizen Zero

This game was first announced back in 2004 for the PC and Xbox. Although this futuristic MMO was initially rumoured in early 2002, and it was supposed to be an online action game with role-playing elements. You could basically play the game on your own, or with friends, and creating a faction was supposed to be integral for your survival. There was going to be a number of non-playable factions in the world, all of which you could make alliances with, and the game-world was set to be open and relatively vast. I can still remember first reading about this, back in 2004, and how excited I was for the game. Sadly, it slowly faded into obscurity – and it’s safe to say that it won’t be hitting our shelves.

Black 2

Black wasn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea. But, personally, I thought that the game was incredible. It was one of my favourite shooters on the PS2, as it offered something completely new to the genre. Black 2 was rumoured to have been in development, shortly after the release of Black, but a few years later Stuart Black (one of the creators) revealed that plans for a Black sequel had been scrapped, due to indifferences with EA. Bloody EA. What we were left with was Bodycount, the spiritual successor to Black. It was a good game, but it wasn’t anywhere near as good as Black. Perhaps, one day, EA and Black’s developers might come to terms, but considering that EA now have shooters like Battlefield and Battlefront, I’d imagine that they’re a bit pre-occupied.

Knights of the Old Republic III

Knights of the Old Republic is one of my favourite RPGs of all time, and KOTOR II was just as good. So, when rumours of a third instalment started to bubble to the surface in 2003, I was understandably excited. However, in 2004 development for KOTOR III was officially scrapped, due to cuts at LucasArts. In its place, we were given the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. Kind of a spiritual successor to the KOTOR series, I guess. Still, it didn’t have that KOTOR feel that I had grown to love in the first and second instalments. Apparently Obsidian, (the developers behind the second game), still talk about the third instalment – so maybe there’s hope that the project will one day be rebooted?

Star Wars 1313

Whilst this game hasn’t necessarily been properly cancelled, it’s definitely not looking good. Star Wars 1313 was supposed to be a game focusing on Boba Fett (the bounty hunter) in his early years of bounty hunting. It looked quite dark and gritty, so I was intrigued to see where LucasArts were going with it. But, sadly, when Warner Bros took over, they closed down all of LucasArts’ game projects – including 1313. There are rumours that the game could be shipped out to an external studio… we can but dream.

StarCraft: Ghosts

Created by Blizzard, StarCraft: Ghosts was first announced in 2002. Ghosts was intended to be a third-person shooter, which took a new angle on the Star Craft universe, but it was put on indefinite hold just four years after it was first announced. The game was officially cancelled in 2014, which upset many a StarCraft fan – including myself.

Although, there are tonnes of other games that could still do with a sequel. I’d love to see a Left 4 Dead 3, a Half-Life 3, Dragon’s Dogma 2 (other than the online version, set for Japan), and Fight Night: Round 5. What games were teased, that aren’t ever coming out, that you really wanted to play? Or what games would you love to see a sequel for, that haven’t yet been teased?