5 Best Games of 2016

IM PLAYIN has always been about us normal gamers giving our opinions on the games we are playing. With the IM PLAYIN 2016 awards out for all to see, the team at IM PLAYIN wanted to give a shout out to the games that took their personal number one spots!

H0NEYL00PS – Overcooked

My game of 2016, also the IM PLAYIN Best Co-op Game of 2016, is undoubtedly, Overcooked. Who would have thought that a game about cooking to a timer would be so infectious – but then I shouldn’t be surprised from a title that had Team 17 involved. I first discovered Overcooked at a friend’s Halloween do (makes a fantastic party game, btw) at the end of October and, falling in love with it, I was more than happy to pay £14.99 on the PlayStation Store and download the game as soon as I got home.

Anyone who enjoys a mobile game or two will be familiar with the mechanics of Overcooked right away, but what the guys at Ghost Town Games have done is take that simple mechanic (orders for different burgers stacking up for you to deliver in under a minute) and added depth by the bucket-load.

I absolutely love the frantic chaos that ensues from the need to source, prepare, cook, and serve as much food in the allotted time as possible when there’s four of you and somebody has forgotten to wash the dishes; the tomato soup is on fire, and someone just binned the cooked beef patty that you needed for that hamburger (no salad).

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for every level that you can rely on, and if you’re playing co-op with someone who doesn’t think/tap/chop vegetables as quick as you do then, well, you better tighten up that apron and take control of that kitchen or you’ll soon be swearing more than Gordon Ramsay on Kitchen Nightmares.

Kailios – World of Warcraft: Legion

2016 was quite the active year for gaming, a number of big hitters came out with the likes of the much anticipated Battlefield 1, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Doom all being reviewed positively (if we ignore IW’s youtube trailer) and so on. The VR  scene has also been building up and the technology in gaming, as ever, is getting even more exciting. It has also been the year of the HD remake, which altogether hasn’t been a bad thing.

However, what stood out, and for a good reason was World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Legion. Let’s bear in mind that I hadn’t played the famous/infamous MMORPG for 7 years. The last time I played was during the Wraith of the Lich King days. Once I cancelled my subscription I thought I was done for good, after trying to get back into it several times during that expansion and each time only lasting a week. I was done. I saw Catacalsym come out, changing the world as never before, I was tempted, but no. Then it was Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor and I just didn’t give it a single check in, I was done. Then Legion was announced, and something felt different. I had heard of big changes, and ones for the better, the WoW scene was getting a big buzz. Draenor has been seen as a rather poor expansion in the majority consensus (not that I would of known), but for some reason there was something in Legion that was pulling me back. And clearly others too!

I decided to take the plunge, and try it again. I even decided to reroll to the very first character I had ever created, my rogue Shadowreaper. This was a character whom was (and is) probably older than some of the players today (is that a good thing?) having been created in WoW Vanilla. The changes baffled me when logging in, there were less talents, mounts were found in a UI screen not your bags, there was now an adventure guide (saving on mods) giving me background on the world around me, a collection and transmog ability, and a lot more than I was ever able to handle in one sitting of logging back in. But it felt fresh, yet familiar. As I’ve been playing since launch, I’ve found a rekindled admiration for the game that I thought was long dead. Yes the end game has got to the stage of being a bit grindy, but there is now so much to offer that keeps me busy. Like the number of achievements, Toys, Mounts, old raids that I can now solo for transmogable gear. And also, the new artifact weapon system which I first thought was lame, but now I actually really quite like it.

Even though games that I’ve been playing throughout 2016 have been great (this choice came reallllly close between this and Doom for me), none have pulled me in quite in the same fashion as Legion.

Alecs Pillik – Rocket League (Xbox One)

Looking back on 2016, there’s only one game that’s lasted the length for me. That game is Rocket League. I know. It was released on PC and PS4 in 2015. But I don’t play my games on a PC, or a PS4 – I play them on the Xbox One. For us Xbone gamers, Rocket League was released in the February of last year. I’d spent almost half a year jealously watching my friends playing the game. So when I finally got my hands on it, I was absolutely spellbound.

Rocket League is a simple game, but it’s the perfect example of a ‘pick up and play’ title. It’s robust in the various different game types available, but it’s easy to just dive in for twenty or so minutes at a time. Plus, Psyonix are incredibly generous with their DLC – constantly releasing free updates which include new arenas, new game modes, new vehicles and more customisable items. I’m still playing Rocket League to this day, and I guarantee that I’ll be playing it throughout 2017 as well – it’s just that good.

Thinkbad Monkey – Titanfall 2

There were some fun games that came out this year from Overcooked to RIGS abd Overwatch. As a big Ratchet & Clank fan, I was sure for a long time that my game of the year would have to go to the Lombax and his metal friend, whose game brought back the magic of the originals and totally exceeded expectations. However, I didn’t expect to get as invested in the story of my game of the year as I did, and I certainly didn’t expect to be singing its praises as much as I am currently doing. Winning IM PLAYIN’s best shooter of 2016, and my game of the year has to go to Titanfall 2.

While I really liked the first game, I wanted to pick the second one up for nothing more than a quick fix of the titan/pilot mayhem. But as I progressed through the story, I discovered one of the best FPS campaigns I have played in a long time. The levels all bring something different to the gameplay, combining with the weapons and gadgets in a way that never feels forced or gimmicky. While “the titan doesn’t get sarcasm” joke can wear a little thin, the relationship you build up is extremely impactful, and I felt more for this big hunk of metal than any character in Battlefield 1 or Call Of Duty.

Add that to a multiplayer that feels fast, fresh and exiting and you have yourself one hell of a game!

Romnomnom – Total War: Warhammer

2016 was quite the average year for games – most disappointed or under-performed or were overhyped, but there were a few games that broke this trend. The Game of the Year for myself was close between Titanfall 2 and Total War: Warhammer. As I can only pick one, I’ve gone for Total War: Warhammer.

Picking up Total War: Warhammer was one of the best picks of the year – it creates a deep, immersive world for the strategic board game and places it in a franchise that can match the expectations of the Warhammer fanbase. Creative Assembly have made a beautiful masterpiece; the movement and feel of the units is good across the board, with there being a clear difference between each race.

Every battle I fight within the game excites me, with the detail of the map and the units battling sucking me in, to the point where I almost forget to make key moves in the battlefield to get the tactical advantage. With continued DLC/ free updates in the works, the game continues to add more races and more playstyles, which means I’ll be continuing to get my money’s worth.

As always, everyone here at IM PLAYIN would love to know what you think. Do you agree with any of the guys? Or maybe you have another game that was top of the list for you last year. Make sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments!