5 Games To Get This Christmas

It’s always tough to know which games to ask for around Christmas time. The choice is always so vast and, in some cases, you might only be able to pick one or two. Every year I always end up asking myself the same question – ‘which games do I want to buy and play now, and which games shall I save for Christmas?’. There is also always the conundrum, ‘which game should I get my loved ones this Christmas?’ – which is always tougher for me because my little brother has a December birthday, which means I need to think of two games (if I’m going for a game themed gift). Not only that, but you also have to think about which games other people might get them! Why is Christmas so hard? Well, hopefully the below list will inspire you this Christmas, whether it be games you’ll be asking for, or presents you’ll be getting other people.

5) Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Ok. So this one is a little obvious. But, I have noticed recently that people have been more reluctant than ever to purchase the latest COD. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is a game that I would happily play, but not a game that I’d want to spend my money on – the sort of game that always makes a great present. Plus, Sledgehammer Games is going to be bringing out Zombie Mode for their addition to the COD franchise very soon, so it’s the perfect time to pick it up with some of the DLC bonuses included! Advanced Warfare is a good game and, despite it still being COD, it has been hailed as a breath of fresh air to the series.

4) Lords of the Fallen

This game has fallen by the wayside a little, which is a shame because it’s actually pretty good. Again, it’s not a game that I’d buy myself, but I really enjoyed playing my brother’s copy – so I’d be most happy if somebody got it for me. If you’re a fan of games like Dark Souls or Demon Souls, Lords of the Fallen will be right up your street. It’s a pretty challenging RPG, but it’s not quite as unforgiving as the Dark Souls or Demon Souls games, though it’s definitely a challenge worth taking up. Plus, it’s going quite cheap at the moment so it’d make the perfect gift for a buddy or family member (and you’ll save a little too, win win).

3) Company of Heroes 2 – Ardennes Assault

Company of Heroes 2 is a fantastic game, and this standalone expansion builds on the brilliant president set by the entire Company of Heroes series. The Ardennes Assault adds 18 new scenarios focused around the Battle of the Bulge, a pivotal campaign in the war fought by American forces. This isn’t an FPS, it’s a real-time strategy game based around tactics, planning and control of the overall battle. It takes the best aspects of games like RUSE, and creates an incredibly engaging experience which looks stunning too. It’s not too expensive, so it’d make the perfect gift for any PC fan. Plus, if you love games themed around the Second World War, this title is near perfect for you – provided you’re not expecting it to be Call of Duty or Battlefield.

2) Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 has been one of the most hotly anticipated games of the year, especially after the roaring success of Far Cry 3. Unsurprisingly, this game has been viewed in the same shining light as its predecessor. You can expect this game to be much of the same from Far Cry 3, just in a new environment, with smoother mechanics and, overall, just a bigger and better experience. Ubisoft has also added a new multiplayer mode which adds another level to the game. Overall, Far Cry 4 is a fantastic game, so if you haven’t picked it up yet, it would definitely be one worth getting this Christmas.

1) Dragon Age: Inquisition

I’ve saved the best till last… well, in my opinion anyway. Dragon Age: Inquisition is easily my game of the year, as it’s an absolutely fantastic gaming experience. My favourite thing about it is its sheer size and wealth of content. If you ask for this for Christmas, or get it for someone else, you’ll be receiving/giving well over 100 hours worth of video-game. There is an incredible amount of content on offer here, and that’s without including any subsequent DLC additions or the online multiplayer (which I’m yet to even touch). I must admit that this game seems to be a bit ‘Marmite’. People either love it or hate it. If you’re a fan of RPGs, especially those less Western RPGs, then you’ll love Dragon Age. If you only really like Skyrim or Oblivion, Inquisition might not be for you. Still, I picked this game up for £38, but from the amount of content on offer I would have happily paid in excess of £55.

Those were just a few games that are worth picking up this Christmas, and there are plenty others that were close to making my cut. Games like GTA V, Assassin’s Creed Unity, The Last of Us Remastered, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, The Crew and Elder Scrolls Online (assuming it actually reaches consoles for December, like promised) are all worth picking up too. It’s going to be a good Christmas for us gamers!

  • Michael Scoates

    I think the only ones left for me to look at are The Crew, which is a big maybe as I wasn’t convinced by the beta and I’m pretty sure Project Cars is the better choice for me. And… nope, that’s it!

    I can’t recommend Dragon Age: Inquisition highly enough, it’s another masterpiece of RPG goodness from Bioware, when they’re on form they’re really on form!

    On a side note, as a gamer I always recommend giving Amazon Vouchers to your fellow gamers because it’s practically impossible to tell what they’ve got on preorder or already bought without giving the game away. My personal backlog includes Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs and Need for Speed Rivals (I got great deals on Black Friday)! so at least with Amazon Vouchers I have the flexibility to either add more games later or spend them on something else entirely to prevent my backlog getting more unmanageable.

    • Let me know if you get around to Pro Evo! I was very close to buying it but pulled out at the last second. I’m absolutely loving Inquisition at the moment, it’ll be taking up most of my gaming time for the foreseeable future.