5 Do’s and Don’ts of Grand Theft Auto 5 – Online

There really is a tonne to do in the open world of Grand Theft Auto Online. From hundreds of different story based missions to complete, scores of death-matches, races and activities to compete in and an entire city to explore, you’d be forgiven for missing the odd thing or two. So, we here at IM PLAYIN have given you this short guide to finding success (and avoiding failure) in Grand Theft Auto Online.

1 – DO compete in races and death-matches. These game modes are not only fun, but winning helps upgrade your character’s attributes and gives you a fistful of cash to go along with it. Winning might not be easy, but first place in most races can give you up to 8k, which is a tidy sum for an hour’s work (but it’s much more like play)

2 – DO call your contacts and request jobs. If you’re bored of roaming around Los Santos (kind of an unlikely scenario, but still) and you’re looking for something to do, why not give those friends of yours a call? Gerald, Lester and Ron have a few exciting (and incredibly well paying) jobs. If you get the chance, play Ron’s ‘Base Invaders’ as many times as humanly possible – it’s the easiest 25k you’ll ever earn in Los Santos.

3 – DO sell cars and bikes. Some cars can go for up to 10k and, seeing as you can sell one per day (about 45 minutes) you might as well make the most of some free cash!

4 – DO play survival mode. Some people might have overlooked this game mode, but it really is a fun way to spend an hour. Not only that, but reach wave 10 and you’ll earn a hefty 20k and a massive chunk of experience for your character!


5 – DO rob convenience stores and armoured trucks. You won’t make a killing from the stores, probably an average of 1.5k a time, but doing it every now and then is a good way of topping up those funds. Plus, rob every store in the game and you’ll earn yourself a cheeky little achievement / trophy. The cars, however, will really line your pockets. One truck can have up to 12k inside, well worth the risk and the 500 dollars for the sticky bomb!


1 – DON’T die. Dying is annoying for many reasons. In missions you’ll lose a team life (and your money) and in freemode you’ll lose cash and even your vehicle.

2 – DON’T assume that you have a parachute. You know, when flying around in your swanky jets, kick-ass helicopters and totally sick crop dusters, you’d be forgiven for assuming that you had a parachute. Sadly, this isn’t always the case, and there is something not so great about jumping from an aircraft with just a hunch that you have a parachute.

3 – DON’T spend all of your money on a garage. Garages are cool, but they’re not as cool as a place to rest your head. If you save that little bit longer then you can get a pad with a garage rather than a garage with no pad.


4 – DON’T shoot the clerk on a robbery. We all know the situation. You’re standing there holding a gun, waiting for the clerk to fill the bag with the contents of the register when ‘BAM’, you accidently press the trigger and the store clerk is as dead as a dodo. You’ll not only have to rob the register yourself, but you’ll also have three stars on your head – not cool bro!

5 – DON’T think that the army are pushovers. In the campaign, stealing a jet from the army is like taking candy from a well-armed baby. Online, however, is a very different story. Even stepping foot in the base (assuming you manage to jump the fence) will wind you up with four stars. If you’re lucky enough to make it to the jet, their tanks will probably blow you up before your bum’s even touched the seat.