5 Changes I’d Still Like To See On The Xbox One

Microsoft have done a pretty decent job at changing and updating the Xbox One. So much so, in fact, that the console I own today is almost completely different to the console that I purchased almost a year ago. That’s definitely a good thing. Still, that doesn’t mean that the console is perfect, and there is plenty more (mostly little tweaks) that Microsoft could do to perfect the console, in my eyes at least.

In March this year I wrote a similar article, detailing the changes we’d like to see on the Xbox One. Amazingly enough, Microsoft has actually brought in pretty much all of the changes I wanted to see (even the point about more 1080p games, though that’s more down to developers). The original list of points were pretty big ones, like external storage, so this list is going to be slightly more trivial, little points. As the console reaches its first birthday, I thought that I’d discuss some of the changes I’d still like to see on my Xbox One. These are, obviously, personal preferences that I’d like to see over the next few updates, so why not tell me what changes you’d like to see?

Backwards compatibility

This is possibly the biggest change I’d like to see on the Xbox One, and that’s for a number of reasons. Reason 1) I still like playing my Xbox 360 now and then, but the console is taking up space on my shelf and occasionally gathers dust. Reason 2) I have plans of selling my Xbox 360 to help fund buying a PS4, if we get backwards compatibility I’d be more comfortable selling it earlier. Reason 3) There are hundreds of fantastic games on the 360 that deserve a play, and there are quite a few Xbox One owners who didn’t own an Xbox 360 – so it would be nice to give those people a chance to play those brilliant games. Backwards disk compatibility doesn’t necessarily need to happen, I’d be comfortable with Microsoft releasing a digital back catalogue of Xbox 360 games for One owners to enjoy. Obviously, in a perfect world, we’d get both – but beggars can’t be choosers.

Upload clips straight to YouTube

I must admit, it isn’t difficult to upload clips to YouTube at present… but it isn’t seamless. Currently, you can save your clips to your OneDrive and then upload them to YouTube from the website, but it is a bit of a pain to do it. Microsoft have already linked our Twitter accounts to the console to allow us to Tweet clips with the latest update, so I feel as though a link to YouTube is the next step. Obviously, I don’t know the ins and outs of inter-company politics. Perhaps YouTube want more money to be able to link than Twitter did, who knows. Either way, it’d make my life a lot easier and I’m sure that there are plenty of One gamers out there that would love to be able to upload straight to YouTube from the Upload Studio.

More Avatar customisation

I’m a sucker for customisation, it’s probably my favourite part about any RPG and even most sports games. I’m pretty pleased with how my Avatar currently looks, but it would be nice to give him a bit of a make over, a fresh look for the Xbox One, if you will. Currently, all we can do is use the gear we purchased or unlocked on the Xbox 360 – but for those who didn’t own the 360, I’d imagine they’d be a little disappointed with the current Avatar customisation options. So, it’d be nice if Microsoft brought the Avatar gear back to the marketplace, and it’d also be cool if developers started introducing Avatar Awards again, because I used to love unlocking Avatar gear themed on my favourite games.

A better ‘Pin’ page

At first, the Pin page was really useful, as there wasn’t a huge amount to ‘pin’. It has now got to the point, however, that I’ve run out of room. I now have to decide between apps and games that I want to pin, which kind of defeats the object. It would be nice if we could break our games and apps down into two pages, so that we can have a page for each. The main reason that I use it is because, whilst it’s there, I find that I tend not to forget about games I haven’t played in a while, especially digital games. On the 360, it got to the point where I had so many digital games, it took an age to look through the list to find something that jumped out, that I really wanted to play. Now, with the pin page, I’m able to look through an entire list of games in one grid – so I find that finding games is quicker and I’m also more likely to be inspired by something I haven’t played in a while. But, that could just be me. Do you use the pin page at all? If so, have you found that you’re now at max capacity?

More apps for the Brits

Currently, the entertainment apps are more geared towards a US audience than they are us Brits, especially when it comes to sports. It’s obviously understandable, as this is a machine built by an American company, so it’s going to be this way in the first year of launch. On the Xbox 360 I used to use the Sky app constantly, but that is yet to arrive on the Xbox One. Apps like ‘NBA Game Time’, ‘National Hockey League’, ‘NFL on Xbox One’ and ‘MLB.TV’ are great for an American audience, but don’t really appeal to me. I do, however, have plenty of British friends that enjoy American sports, so I have no problem with these apps being there. It’d just be nice to have a bit more content for a British, or even European, audience – maybe a Football (soccer) based app, a Cricket based app or a Rugby based app, would be nice. But, a great start would be a Sky app.

So these are five of the changes I’d like to see on the Xbox One. I think the fact that most of my changes being relatively niche to me (I’d imagine) suggests that Microsoft are doing a great job of updating the Xbox One and appeasing customer complaints. But, maybe I’ve omitted a change that you’d like to see. If so, why not shove it in the comments section below!