5 bad points of Rainbow Six: Siege

Honestly, I’m really enjoying Siege. The gameplay is simple, but fun, and it’s pretty addictive too. But it’s far from perfect, so here are five aspects of the game that seem to take it down an all important notch.

1. Poor servers

Whilst it’s still relatively early days for the game, as it’s only been out for around a month, I’ve noticed that the Ubisoft servers for Siege aren’t too great – at least on the Xbox One. I haven’t yet managed to boot up the game without receiving a message that the servers are unreachable. Though, strangely enough, I’ve always managed to play online despite the servers supposedly being down. I’m not sure if this is an issue across all platforms and, in general, I only occasionally lose connection to the Ubisoft servers. It still doesn’t fill me with confidence, though.

2. Glitches

Again, this could well be an issue on the Xbox One, but I’ve not managed to speak to anyone playing on the PS4 or PC, so I couldn’t vouch either way. Still, for me at least, glitches are relatively common place. One of the most frustrating is a glitch that I often get when rappelling up buildings. When I get to the top, my character seems to have a fit of some sorts and I can’t move over a ledge. I then have to climb down the rappel back up, and attempt it again. Sometime this will right the issue, but usually I’ll get stuck again and have to find an alternative route. Not the end of the world, you might be thinking, but Siege relies heavily on tactics, and anything that holds your flow is quite detrimental to gameplay. Not only that, but you also only get one life per-round, so getting stuck makes you an easy target – plus you’re wasting valuable seconds of gameplay which could otherwise be used to gather points!

3. Team damage

Whilst team damage is annoying, I do think that it’s a necessary part of the game. If I get caught in the cross fire, then that’s part and parcel of a poorly executed plan, in one shape or another. That’s fair enough, and if I’ve got in the way then I’ll be the first person to put my hands up and take the hit (literally). What I dislike about it, though, is bad sportsmanship. On occasion, I’ve been killed by my team mates, just for the hell of it. I’ve also been killed whilst diffusing a bomb, because that person wanted to diffuse it instead – not the end of the world if your other team mates vote to kick them, but if they’re all friends you’re kind of stuck.

4. The same old maps

There are a fair number of maps available to play in Siege, but I only ever seem to get to play the same three. I’ve only once almost had the chance to play a game in the aeroplane, for instance, but the entire opposition team were kicked before the game started, and we won by default. And, whilst your objectives are different (defuse a bomb, extract a hostage, protect some sort of chemical agent), doing them all in the same map can get quite repetitive – and this leads me on to my final point.

5. Repetitive gameplay

Whilst the gameplay is a lot of fun, it can get quite repetitive. Each game mode has its own objective, but in the end, most games just turn into a team-deathmatch. That’s because by eliminating the enemy team, you win the round. That makes sense, because in real life it would be the case, but it also means that most of the games end in the same way – by eliminating the enemy team.