4 Ways To Bring Back Pokémon Go

If you are like me, then you loved playing Pokémon Go when it first arrived. Even now I will get my phone out to see what’s nearby, hoping that some rare ones decide to make an appearance. With a lack of content and a little communication from Niantic, it’s no secret that Pokémon Go is losing a lot of it’s fan base, myself included. So with the holidays upon us, what could Niantic do to get me, and hopefully many others, back?

  1. Bring out more Pokémon!

Niantic have released some Gen 2 Pokémon this Christmas so this suggestion is happening. But seriously Niantic? 2 new Pokémon that can only be hatched from eggs!? That doesn’t exactly encourage me to run outside and start my search all over again. Users are becoming bored of seeing the same Pokémon again and again, and by adding the new set around the holidays would at least have me heading out for long winter walks.

  1. Release the Apple Watch App

I appreciate that this second one is not for everyone, in fact it is probably for a very small minority out there. But since they announced the Apple Watch app, way back in September I have been looking forward to having all the essential Pokémon Go information on my wrist. This wait is made worse by what I can see with the Pokémon Go Plus. That thing has kept a few of my friends really invested in the app and those without are missing out. I just refuse to shell out £94 for the device because Nintendo don’t have any in stock.

  1. Make some activities run in the background

This is one of the biggest benefits of the Pokémon Go Plus, being able to catch Pokémon, top up at Pokéstops and hatch eggs without even opening the app. Yes you may think that this means spending less time with the app, but that’s not the case. If you walk around a lot, you want to make sure those steps are counting towards something, but having your phone open on Pokémon all the time, is not only a hassle but a serious battery drainer. Ok, so Niantic don’t have to have everything accessible in the background, but at least allow my steps to count!

  1. Provide better notifications

When you have reached the point where the prospect of another bloody Rattata appearing makes you sick to your stomach, it’s much harder to love the game when you are looking for a specific Pokémon. Why not allow players to pick a Pokémon they are looking for and get a quick notification if there is one in the area? It would make finding the rarer Pokémon less of a constant pain in the arse and get me to open the app when I may not have.

A lot of these suggestions do sound like they would cause players to spend less time in the app, and in a way it would. But I also think it would cause a lot more people to continue playing. Sacrifice time people spend in the app to encourage a lot more people to stick it out and you still generate that amazing sense of togetherness that was so amazing about its launch.

But do yourself a favour this Christmas, think of all the cold and lonely Pidgeys, Rattatas and Zubats  out there, and send a Pokéball their way.