4 reasons to pick Battlefield 4 back up

Recently, Alex and I have been playing Battlefield 4. When it first came out, we tore that game up. Then, as new games were released, we moved away from the FPS. But now, with the announcement of Battlefield 1, we’re back playing with extra gusto. It’s still a fantastic game, and one of the best multiplayer experiences available on the current-gen consoles. So here are my four reasons as to why you should go and pick up the game again (or for the first time!).

Only in Battlefield moments

If there’s one aspect that, for me, helps to trump any of Battlefield’s competitors – it’s the ‘only in Battlefield’ moments. They’re the sort of gaming moments that aren’t replicated in other multiplayer shooters… or many other games, for that matter. Flying a helicopter into an enemy base, parachuting out just before a helicopter blows up, landing next to a tank and taking it down with C4 – to some, that would sound like separate instances. But fellow Battlefield players know that, on most occasions, that usually happens all at once. The game is all about the seamless transition from land, to air, to sea… back to land, into the sea again, only to be airborne once more (all in the space of five minutes). Battlefield is just packed full of “holy shit, did you just see that?!”, moments. I’ve had so many that I’ve lost count, but it’s the main reason why I love the game and the series in general.

Massive battles

Those ‘only in Battlefield’ moments wouldn’t be possible, were it not for the sheer scale of the maps, and the multiplayer experience. Teams of 32 vs 32 rarely make the maps feel overcrowded, but they’re also not so large that you’ll be spending a lot of time without seeing any enemies. It’s all just perfectly balanced, but it creates an incredibly visceral, manic, massive experience which is hard to rival. If you’re a fan of close quarter, fast paced shooters (like the recent CODs) then BF4 probably isn’t for you. But if you like to play tactically, and to be absorbed into the battle, then this is the experience you’re after.

The maps

One of the biggest achievements of the Battlefield series are the maps. Maybe they’re not as recognisable as Nuketown, but their scale, breadth, intricacies and layout (for me at least) put them head and shoulders above the rest. I have a fair few favourite maps on Battlefield 4, and that number only increased with the map-packs. The best thing about the maps is that most have their own unique events, which are triggered at points in the battle, from the skyscraper collapsing in ‘Siege of Shanghai’ to the dam breaking in ‘Flood Zone’ – each map is completely different and requires you to adapt your play-style accordingly.

‘Squad goals’ 

But whichever map you play, and however you play it, one fact remains – it’s best when played with a squad. The best thing about Battlefield, in general, is the ability to create a squad of five friends. You can spawn on each-other, receive XP for completing objectives together, for supplying each other and for helping each other in battle – in general, it makes for an immersive experience. Being able to share all of the above with friends is the main reason that I play Battlefield – and it’s the main reason that I’m so pumped for Battlefield 1, when it releases in October. So, grab some buddies, download Battlefield 4 and get gaming!

If you don’t currently own the game, I’d recommend grabbing a subscription to EA Access (on the Xbox One). Currently, you’re able to download Battlefield 4 Premium, for free, as part of the £19.99 p/a subscription. So that’s the game and all five map packs – one hell of a deal. Not mentioning all of the other awesome EA games you can get for free, through the subscription.

  • Andre Andrade

    Get Arma 3 and you will never play a BF or COD game again.

  • Andre Andrade

    Get Arma 3 and you will never play a BF or COD game again.