4 Reasons To Get Excited For The Console Release Of Elder Scrolls Online

I can’t wait for the Elder Scrolls Online game to hit our consoles. It feels like I’ve been waiting forever, but the day is almost upon us! Here are my four reasons for being so excited!

The first big MMORPG on next-gen consoles

Elder Scrolls Online is no Warcraft. I know that, you know that, so there’s no point in trying to compare them. Still, it isn’t too often than an MMORPG comes to us console gamers, particularly on the next-gen. But these new next-gen consoles are perfectly suited for the titles, now that they’re considerably more powerful than their last-gen counterparts. So I’m very excited to be playing a decent MMORPG on my Xbox One. So far, I’ve picked up Warframe for a little bit, but dropped it after a week, and spent a good month playing Neverwinter. But I’ve not had that high development, good quality MMORPG that I’ve been craving, and I’m hoping that that game will be ESO.

It’s come on leaps and bounds since first release on PC

The game has developed quite substantially since it was first released last year, and the good news is that console gamers will be given the fully updated version of ESO. It was greeted with mixed reviews, some liked it, some thought that it was average and others were not happy with it at all. I managed to have a quick go on the PC, when it first came out, and as an MMORPG noob, I very much enjoyed it. I’d imagine that for hard-core MMORPGers, however, the game was a bit disappointing. Since then, though, the game has come on leaps and bounds after various different updates – which you can find on their website.

It’s subscription free!

That’s right, you no longer have to pay to play the game! Everyone predicted that they’d drop the sub eventually, and I’m glad that they’ve decided to do it before the game’s console release. You still need to buy the game, though. I probably still would have paid a subscription… maybe… because I’m a massive Elder Scrolls buff. But the fact that the subscription fee has been dropped means that there should be more people playing the game – which will make for a more vibrant MMORPG experience!

We’ll finally get to play some Elder Scrolls goodness on the next-gen consoles

Some of us have been waiting for the release of ESO on console for some time now. We quite enjoyed the game on the PC, but not every writer at IM PLAYIN has a PC decent enough to play the game. Romnomnom had the honours of playing ESO last year, and I’ve been patiently waiting for my chance since then. It feels like both an eternity and just a few weeks at the same time (if that’s even possible). I’ve replayed both Oblivion and Skyrim numerous times, so I’m definitely about due another hit of Elder Scrolls – particularly since I sold my 360.

  • Michael Scoates

    I have TESO on order for PS4 (Game Collection, £37.99 rather than PSN Store, £54.99). I was impressed by the changes visible from watching the recent PS4 beta players streaming their gameplay, it’s just a shame the title isn’t supporting cross-platform, we could end up in quite lonely worlds. I’m sure I will pour as many hours into TESO as I did Final Fantasy XIV, maybe even more if it pans out. I’m rolling Nightblade, I always loved a little thievery in the Elder Scrolls franchise.

  • Magic Andy

    “The first big MMORPG on next-gen consoles”

    I’m sorry, does FFXIV:ARR not count as a big MMORPG or something now?