3 Things That Have Annoyed Me As A PlayStation 4 Owner

Since I booted up the Playstation 4 back in December last year there has been a few minor issues, but nothing major enough to cause a rant. Now, I do not know what issues Xbox owners have faced over the past year, but more frequent of late has the PS scene frustrated me. And to the extent where the tidy black box is seeing fewer and fewer hours each week (or until Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare came on sale).

To hit it off, it has to be DriveClub. Going from a supposed launch title, to being delayed, and to the PS+ version being further delayed if not potentially cancelled altogether. I’m personally of the gamer group where, though I may not be a raving car simulator fan, I’m still one to have at least one on the shelf for those moments where there’s nothing I fancy playing more. Something that occurs more often than not after watching an episode of Top Gear. Anyway, I was set on purchasing it when it was supposed to come available months ago, but as that day never came, DriveClub sunk further and further into the recesses of my memory. Than when it came full circle, I had lost the interest that was there originally. So the only way that would warrant me picking up the game was through the taster that was offered in the said PlayStation Plus version. However, I feel that it is all lost now. With the amount of games that are coming out, I can’t see it ever fitting into my budget. I would rather put my money on Dragon Age, Far Cry or even Assassins Creed and then play the waiting game for Grand Turisomo. Which is a shame, because I would presume I’m not the only one who thinks the same, which would not bode well for Evolution Studios.


Next off is the Evolve Alpha. A game to which my IMPLAYIN colleagues know full well I have been excited about ever since I saw the first trailer. From there, I’ve tried to keep up to date with all the news on it, and watching as many game play trailers to feed my thirst. However, and I am sure it was down to some poor communications, but the PlayStation update meant that there was an issue preventing people, (such as myself) who had access to the Alpha, from playing it, which was a major disappointment. I basically had my weekend sorted. The food was in, the beer arranged, but no, no access for me. And the days when it did finally come online, I wasn’t even home to play it. Why oh why!?

When an update has to come out because the previous update itself caused issues, y you know you’ve done a slight boo boo. Now I love the features that came with 2.0, and it has added some additional depth to what can be done, but it’s frustrating as to why these things have not been tested before going live. Especially when said updates have been in the pipeline for some time. And to also cause issues on the start up from rest mode was also another problem to add on. Also as it might of given away in the above paragraph, the fact that the 2.0 update meant that I missed out on the Evolve Alpha has definitely pushed a few buttons!

With said issues occurring it’s a fair bit frustrating, I know things can’t always work perfectly, but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t go amiss. Although I am happy to stick it through (considering I was an Xbox 360 gamer all last gen), it makes me wonder about others in the gaming community. As the Xbox is pushing aggressive price decreases on the run up to Christmas, Playstation really needs to keep itself on track. Otherwise we may well see the gap close.

  • Michael Scoates

    I’m doing ok, got a nice stable of great PS4 games building up, highly recommend Dragon Age: Inquisition, massive RPG! I’ve got Project Cars on preorder for March as I think that’s a Forza/Gran Turismo beater, best of all Level-5 announced they’re going to show a new game for PS4 at E3 in 2015, so I’m all hyped about nothing for the next 6 months unless they leak something in the meantime.

    XBox Live is still miles ahead, not just in reliability but in community, all my PS4 online forays are silent running, yet to hear a voice.

    • Daniel Lawson

      wish sony would have ponied up for at least a real headset the crap they boxed in was garbage


    Ponystation 4 demands you to wait longer or to play on trailers, not games.

    • Jason Mounce

      I seriously question how anyone can keep referring to Playstation with Ponies as if it has any relation and actually take themselves seriously. How can you type such idiotic comments and keep a straight face, do you even?

      “SonyPonies” ? “PonyStation” ? You have to Stop and think, even if it takes 5 minutes, 10 minutes, a whole day. Not even being High out of your mind, would a person come up with something so mentally challenged as Fanboys do online.

      • Daniel Lawson

        Sony Ponies was coined by Torrence Davis on The Warzone if I’m not mistaken… it was in reference to the idiots who, rather then enjoying their console, felt it was necessary to tear down other consoles to the point of wanting them to fail and for those companies to get out of the business.

        • Jason Mounce

          Who? :l

          Well, that’s been coined a LOT of things, Buyers’ Remorse, fanboys, Fanboys/Idiots, etc.

          Why… ‘Pony’, or is it just “Because some guy a bunch of people know and is a B-rated(Presumed) internet celeb used it – and it became Sticky and trendy? :l

          • Corey Fox

            Folks, I think we found us a show pony.

          • Jason Mounce

            “How dare you question the nickname that an alternative group of fanboys use to pick on the other fanboy group!”

            Also, do you really think I’m a pony in real life where I’m typing to you, hooves and all? Idunno man, I think you need some mental help if you ask me 😛

  • MonoKarma

    Whilst I am an absolutely massive ps4 fanboy, I agree with you and can think of at least 10 more problems with our beloved console and others which are just embarrassing in the face of the competition.
    The real problem though is our Sony worshipping comrades who are just to blindly in love with our favourite plastic box to admit the massive problems we are facing and put pressure on Sony to fix them….
    When the fanboys snap out of it we might make some progress.

    • Daniel Lawson

      I wish they were as aggressive as MS on updating their console… Microsoft is adding TV streaming to second screens in Europe and plans to add it to the US which is huge if you’re playing in the family room.

      • jznlv

        I just want to play games , dont like patching and wating more often .